Saturday, March 8, 2008

Snow Day

This is a Snow Day !!!!!

Well this is what it looks like around our house. By the time the snow is done, we will about 14 inches of snow. We have not had this much snow since 1978, and I was in grade school.
The whole city is shut down, no mail, no banks, no malls, no nothing. We are at a level III snow emergency and have a blizzard warning for the first time ever in Cincinnati. Most of us, did not even know what that meant, LOL.
The kids are loving it.. I posted a few pictures of them outside, but they did not last long, as it is only about 3 degrees here with the wind chill... TOO COLD :-)

We even let Sampson outside to have a little fun for a few minutes.. Even though he is hurt, he was shocked as how high the snow was. It came up to his belly.

Not much to do here today but play some board games, do some cleaning and hopefully a little sewing later on today.

Website update: I am having my site "pimped". Cathy at Avalon Rose is re-doing my site and I have a ton of great things to list on there.. So hopefully in the next few days it will up and running stocked full.

I need some spring, and some sunshine.. I need my husband to get out of the house for a while and my kids too. They are all going nuts staying in so much, and it is hard to believe that in three weeks, my son, Jake, will be having his first baseball game of the season.. that seems unbelieveable, as I look out my window today.