Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Horse Back Riding

Our Good friends Tracey and Ralph, have two horse that they have close to our house.  They invited the girls to go see them and to ride.  This is Macy just getting to know the horse and to feed her some carrots.
This is Carly getting to know the other horse.. Their names were Roxy and Rose!  Rose is a Lady as Tracey says.. and Roxy, well she is super sweet, but she has some spunk to her.
So we did not have cowboy boots, which now they are on the look for!  But how cute they are!
This is one of my favorite pictures.. I love how they are peeking out the stahl to see the horses in the field.
Not only did they get to ride, but they also learned a great deal about them, and how to take care of them, and they got to help, which they LOVED!
This is Ben.. one of Tracey and Ralph's boys.  He is so sweet and so helpful and he loves these horses and is so great to them.. I just love this picture of him.
And here we have the BEST DRESSED horse helper man.. This is Ralph, he came from work to help with the girls, because as you can see... Well Tracey is a little busy right now being pregnant!
Tracey is truly amazing!  She lead Macy all around.. if that were me, I would be sitting in chair, in the shade with a cool drink in my hand...
Aren't horses beautiful?  And they are very strong and I am a little afraid of them!
Macy all ready to ride.
Ben leading Macy around.. giving his wonderful mom a break.. poor guy.. I'm sure she is talking his head off, but he is too sweet to say anything about that!
Ralph getting ready to ride.. He was so great with Carly.. Gave her so much confidence and taught her so much.. she was such a natural.. and little does Ralph know.. She will hiding out in his bushes or car and wanting to go all the time!
There she goes.. all alone on Roxy.. the one with some spunk! When this horse walks.. it is more like a run!
She is doing so well!
I LOVE this picture too!  The sun is perfect and there is Ralph out in the field with her, making sure she is alright and teaching her what to do.. He did such a great job and she just loved it!
Finally, Ben gets to ride after helping with the girls.. What a great guy he is!  Ben we enjoyed all your help and I think the girls will only go back if you are there too!
We are blessed with such wonderful friends.  I hope they think that of us, after my girls call them all the time wanting to go see and ride the horses!  Thanks Tracey, Ralph and Ben, you all are Great!


  1. Absolutely darling pictures. What a wonderful friendship. Meredith loooooves to ride and I can't wait to show her the pics.

  2. I love the are getting better and better taking them. I just adore the girls riding...what a treat. I still remember my days riding in Florida.

    Love and Kisses

  3. They look very comfortable with the horses for a first time. I am afraid of horses and we had them when our boys were growing up. Luckily, hubby took care of that part of "rearing" them.
    You are fortunate to have such sweet neighbors and friends. They look like they are enjoying sharing with your girls. Your photos are great. You captured some great moments.

  4. I love horse back riding. It such an enjoyable experience.