Thursday, February 9, 2012

Catching my breath

I have not fallen off the face of the earth, but rather into a very long over do organizing of my life and my home.

I sorta took the month of January off to organize the house.. You know.. go through closets that you "say" your gonna do but never get done..Well I did them.. and we also did some things in the kitchen as well..Let me say after that, my husband is NO longer a fan of Ikea.. as my living room looked like their stock room for a while...

It seems we have had one sick kid after another since Christmas and lots of family stuff going on too. 
I miss blogging, I miss crafting, I miss sewing.. I miss reading all your blogs that I am sooooo behind in reading, heck I am missing junking too.  I am sooooo behind on my pinterst list, it's just to crazy to talk about..:)

All of a sudden it was February and next week Valentine's Day.. why does it seem the days go faster and faster all the time?  I have one child left who has Valentine's Party at school.. I am planning that and having mixed feelings about it being the last party that I will be room mom of.. I am so gonna miss that Elementary School next year :)

Well I have been reading one blog.. my dear friend Tracey  If you want to remember why you should slow down and enjoy life.. stop over her blog.. First grab a cup of hot chocolate, coffee, tea.. some kleenex and get ready to laugh, cry and just be inspired by my dear friend.

I on the other hand, am done catching my breath and cleaning.. We have 5 basketball games this weekend, but starting Monday, I am back at crafting, sewing, blogging and having some fun!  I mean for real, a girl can only organize so much.. I sorta like the crazy mess we live in.. I feel like my house is to be "lived in" not just a show place for pretty blog pictures.  So next week I am back! 
I hope you all Have a great weekend!!!