Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Missing Blogger

I have been a bad slacking blogger.. and I apologize.. Don't you hate going back to check a bloggers page and it has not been updated in FOREVER? You know you think.. "where is she? what is she doing" OK, so I have been that person... We have had so much going on.. But let's start with Rosie here.. My dress form.. My girls have decided to take her into their room and display her in there.. This what they did to her.. gave her a face, some hip clothes..

Poor Rosie... an early dismisal from school.. and four girls in one room with clothes and accessories.. she will never be mine again.. But I do love the face they made for her too..

And this is what else has been keeping me busy.. The new booth space! Very Very empty in this photo.. but I have been slowly filling it up.. Going tomorrow to take some aprons, key chains and other goodies.. I will keep posting photos as it gets done, and FULL.

This chair.. this beautiful MINT slipper chair.. I found for $8.00 It is now at my booth. Look at the scallopped edges.. I just love them!

Got some new fabrics in.. and they are now aprons, and some pillows for my sofa too!

This.???.well on Halloween night we were trick or treating.. and a friend of ours had this out to the trash.. I had to have it.. So I asked if I could drag it to the side of their house and pick it up the next day. My husband at first could not believe I was even wanting this.. and again missing the whole "vision" I had.. My husband just finished painting it back on the outside and I am taking it to my booth too. I am going to display pillows in it.. but I think it would be a FAB cooler.. It even has drain holes and the stoppers and it is on wheels too! I don't know how but I totally forgot to take the after shot.. guess I will post that later.. but not bad for FREE!

And while out junking one day I found these old windows. They had $10.00 each on them and I went in to bargin and the lady said, "they are now $1.00 each if you take them today" and I said "SOLD" I took all 5 of them...I LOVE old windows.

And this is what I am doing with them.. I LOVE this look! goes with anything and adds a great pop of color too!

Well back to sewing.. It will be a late one tonight.. and a lot of running around tomorrow.. But I have to ask is anyone else loving the Christmas music on? I am just loving it. It is putting me in a great mood and I am getting a ton done listening to it... Have a great week!


Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things

Here are a few of my favorite things...

Carly as a vampire...

Macy as a Prom Queen.. who is a few balloons away from being Dolly Parton!

Jake, carving pumpkins..

Carly, finally putting her hands in the pumpkin!

The lady on my dresser who holds some of jewlery

My vintage stand holder, which now holds some of my rick rack

A shelf in my sewing room..old jars holding thread, buttons, jewlery

All the jars are from the thrift shops

More jars of buttons, rick rack.. it is a great way to store your things and look pretty too!

These are a few of my favorite things....