Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Keeping it real, Keeping House and Crafting

So I have decided to show you all a little about me, and how I get somethings done..and how something DON'T get done... I have had a few people email me and ask me how I get so much done, well NO ONE can get it all done and you have to let something go to get the rest of it done.. so let's start with what I DID get done...
I got 8 more jars made for the shop, although I am keeping 2 for me :)

I got 10 more bracelets made for the shop

A few close ups..

I got 6 new aprons made for the shop

I used almost ALL vintage linens on this batch.. I just love these..

I also got a few things painted too.. Did not make the photos..sorry.. But to get ALL this done, I had to leave a few things undone... like this...

My living room after one eveing of watching tv and the kids being home.

My sink full of dishes.. At least most of them are in the sink, where they belong.. Isn't this what a sink is for?

My girls room..And By the way.. "this is clean!" according to the girls.. FYI, those laundry baskets will stay in there until I flip out and yell and end up re-putting them away, because they will do it in such a rush, you won't be able to get the drawers closed, OR they will end up in the floor with food, and dog hair on them.. yes I said Dog hair.. I have a lab and YES he sheds and he LOVES to lay on anything in the floor.

And look, I would do more laundry IF I had more laundry baskets, oh well it will still be here waiting for me, I'm sure!

Another project that did not get done, started or anything but brought out of my van and plopped down in the living room.

Vintage sheet music that never got framed for the shop...

Oh, but Sampson did catch a few HOURS of naps.. he is too cute..

And my favorite thing of all.. This adorable little sampler my Carly made for me, with her own hands.. She hand stitched it.. It will be framed and hung in my bedroom.. Which, thank God, I did not take photos of..
So See I don't get it all done, I have to let something go and I just choose what it will be.. I like my sleep at night and I like my quiet time just after the kids go to school in the morning.. Tomorrow I will be cleaning house for money.. I have two a week that I clean on top of all this.. so I don't worry about mine, it will get done.. someday :) 
I choose to craft and sew and to help make money for this house.  And although my mouth waters over some of the homes on these blogs.. and my house can look great 10 minutes before company comes over (when planned)..for the most part if you stop by UN ANNOUNCED, this is what you will find.. Me and my family living our BUSY, Crazy, but fun life!
Have a great night!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I met The Pioneer Woman

The Pioneer Woman, I got to meet her!  She is GREAT!!!!
On Friday a few friends of mine all went to meet the pioneer woman, we had a great time! She is funny, down to earth and the kind of gal, you could hang out with and eat cake!

Our smallest gal for the night, Lilly.  She is too cute!!!

Here is one group, Heidi, Tracey with Lilly and Me!  We waited in line a LONG time ,but it was worth it. Afterwards, we had dinner in the bookstore where they were featured her Pot Roast from her cook book!  It was YUMMY! If you don't have her cookbook, grab a copy.. I promise you will love it.. It not fancy gourmet food, but REAL food, with REAL butter and REAL tasty! No it is not a cook book if you are a Calorie Counter Gal, but when you fall off the wagon, you will want it to be in a stack of her home made cinnamon rolls for sure!
And the other group of ladies with us.. The lady on the right with the curly hair is Jonelle, and I don't think even The Marlboro Man loves The Pioneer Woman as much as she does :)  She is her #1 Fan!  I had a great time, fun night out with the girls, great food and an adorable baby too!  What more can a girl ask for?  Have you tried any of her recipes? Let me know which one is your favorite!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Friday Favorite Pics

Well it seems my weeks are flying by and I have little not time.. How does that happen?  Anywho.. My camera is still in need of batteries and I promise to post some great stuff this weekend, but for now here are some favorite things I found this week, while searching on the web!  Enjoy.

These are so neat.. I had to make a few of my own.

I want this owl pillow.. and I am loving the butterfly pictures too!


I have to try to make one of these.. Love this!!!

Is this not the best idea ever? WOW..

I LOVE this!

And how clever is this?

I mean from spoons.. I love it.

I want this to be my living room....
Have a Great Friday everyone! Tell me which one was your favorite?

Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Favorite Pics

I am so bad about remembering where I find if this is yours, give me a hollar! Love this idea for storage..

This is the just should be the answer to all problems in life.

I have one of these in the making....

My FAVORITE window display!

Also working on some of these for summer.. What a great idea!

Love this pillow.. I have a ton of these done and just cut out some pillows to make a few for my sofa.. Love this!

Love this peaceful space.. I like how they have the doors on each side of the sofa.. Well I am off to work at the antique shop, so I thought I would just share a few of my favorite pictures.. Have a great weekend!