Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dresser & Head board Before/After

 Not sure if you all remember this find from the summer.. but it has been painted and is now in my shop.
The Headboard Before..

Then after.. I know not great shots, but It will have to do.  I have had one very sick little girl.. We rang in the new year in Childrens Hospital.  She has a terrible stomach flu and has been very sick.. So I am behind in taking down my tree, packing away Christmas, and re-stocking my store..

My space is so bare... This and the table to the side were the only two pieces of furntire I had left.. Yea.. but uh-oh.. time to get really busy..

I would love to crawl up on the floor with the dog and take a nap.. but soon!  Hope you all had a great New Year and are ready to have some fun in 2011.. Have a great day!


  1. Love those pieces! I just started to repaint a bedside table for my bedroom. My first try! Hope your little girl gets to feeling better. Prayers going up!

  2. So sorry to read you have a sick little one. She will be in my prayers to get well soon. Great for sales that your booth looks empty, but I remember the pressure I always felt to make mine look good at all times. Sometimes other more important things get in the way though. Take care of that little girl first. They are always our baby when sick.
    Love the dresser and headboard. Was it like a robin egg's blue? So pretty and soft and a great style.