Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Finally back to blogging

Well today I finally made it back to my blog... I have been meaning to get back here for months, but it seems we have been so busy lately.

We are well into July and school has been out for a while and sports are now over for the summer, and I finally have time to list on ebay, get my site up and running and to write in my blog.

I have some photos of our fourth of July parade here in Madeira.. The kids had a good time.. The only one missing is my son, who at the age of almost 11 ( on this Friday) decided it would be "cooler" to watch the parade with friends this year :(

I have so many new things getting ready to put on my site.. Things I have been sewing, and crafting, I am very excited about it all. So just bear with me as I get it stocked and ready to roll...

I have a lot of great items going on ebay as well this week, so check that out if you get a minute..

I promise I will try to get on here weekly and be a better blogger!

Hope you all are having a great fun summer!