Monday, October 25, 2010

Peaceful Spaces

I thought I would share some of favorite pictures of Peaceful Spaces in the home..

I love this headboard idea.. and now have a winter project for my husband.

I want this pantry.. I LOVE the chalkboard painted door.

Another tufted headboard..hmmmmm

And another...

Sorry the pictures are small.. I found them on the web and just copied them onto the blog..I have been MIA for over a week.  All is great.. Just busy sewing for two big upcoming shows that are one week apart.  Also to be honest with you.. My sewing area is such a mess right now.. I have totally misplaced my camera!  I know how sad is that?  But if you can't be honest on yourself and be honest on your blog, you should not be blogging.. I'm human. My house is a mess, and I have threads on me ALL the time..Is anyone else this UN-ORGANIZED at times?  Please share with me, so I do not feel ALONE!
I will be back soon.. as soon as I FIND my camera and show you what I have been sewing..  What have you all been working on?
Have a great day!!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hostess Aprons... is where I have been

 I've been sewing.... and sewing...
 I have two shows this weekend.. I am doing one and a friend is doing another one
That is why my sewing room looks like this... does anyone else get this messy when they are sewing?

I also have our elementary schools Fall Family Festival this Friday night..I have been staying up on coffee.. My house is a mess, my sewing room.. well you saw it.. it is a TRUE mess.. and I need to get back to sewing.. Have a great day!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Anthropologie Made Pillows, Great Finds, Bitthday Party & The Facebook Dog!

Well I was at my FAVORITE store the other day.. and Found this FAB table runner on the clearance table..

Since I really did not need a table runner, but was in need of some new pillows.. I figured I would just cut it up and make some..

I LOVE them.. The add just right amout of color to my livingroom.. and now I can finish sewing other things.

Also found this old window for $1.00.  I left it outside to weather some all summer and then hung it up to display the kids school pictures.. Macy's are not back yet so she is not on here yet.

And while out junking I found the BEST old handpainted Santa sign for $1.00!!! He is a keeper.

We celebrated Macy's 9th Birthday.  We made cupcakes...

And I made her, her "own" mini cake.. So I am not the Cake Boss, but I did have fun with it.

She seemed to really enjoy it and the cake was yummy!

I through a bunch of scrap book paper in the middle of the table with stickers and other goodies and the girls made their own banners!

They loved this.

I found an old pie bird and had to have it.

I have a thing for birds.. and found a few cool nick nacks.. to dust!

Pretty Red Bird, or Cardinal as my husband corrects me!

This is an old planter and I think my favorite!

Sampson.. has been making an impression facebook.  This dog does nothing but sleep all day and I have been posting photos of him and he is starting to get a lot of comments..

As you can see, he is too cute.. I am thinking of giving him his own Facebook page..

He is also enjoying the new Anthropologie Made pillows as well.

His favorite place.. under the kitchen table.
Hope you all are enjoying the wonderful weather.. the fall colors and just the change of seasons.
I will be in my sewing room this week, getting ready for a few fall shows I am doing.  I also have a huge fundraiser for our Elementary School this week as well on Friday.. A totally crazy BUSY week for sure.  Have a great week!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Thank you!!!

Thank you!!!!

I just wanted to stop in tonight and say Thank you to those of you who stop by daily to see what is going in my life, and read my blog.  I love blogging and reading blogs and to be honest I get behind some times, because I like to sit and read blogs a little too much, (don't tell my husband, and thank GOD he does not blog) ha ha.. Anyway, I just wanted to again say Thank you to those of you who leave comments, and even to those who stop by to read real quick as I often do..(we all do it) and move on.  
Thank you for giving me a little bit of your busy days, I really do appreciate you! I just thought you might need to hear that.. Now I am off to do dishes, and put laundry away.. so it does not look like all I have been doing is staying up late to catch up on everyone!  Have a great night and week ladies!
Love ya all

Saturday, October 2, 2010

More Halloween Ideas

 I hope you are not tired of me posting Halloween Decorating ideas..I love finding ideas all over and using them to decorate, mostly when they are super easy.. And how easy is this?  Just save your milk jugs and wash them out.. draw a face with a sharpie marker, cut a hole in the back, add one of those new handy dandy battery light candles and here you go!  How cute up and down your driveway, or your steps leading to your door.  The trick or treaters will love them!

OMG are these pumpkins the coolest or what?  I LOVE the plaid ones and the ones with the leaves on them.  I think I will have to try some of these.. Hope you all are enjoying your weekend.. We have had a great day with getting some outside things done.

 Had to put a wireless fence for our Lab.. The lady down the street has decided to raise chickens, and thinks that even though the city requires a coop, that has been inspected to be safe and accurate for your chickens, and has to be 50 feet off all property lines, she thinks the rules do not apply for her.. She lets them run.. So of coarse my dog wants to get to them. 

My thinking is this, and I am sorry if I offend any of you.. If you are going to bring a FARM animal in the CITY, then it should be YOUR responsibility to keep them safe and keep things out of YOUR yard and away from your animal.  OK, now I have vented to you all.. I am not against her having them at all, just that she should also have to keep them safe, and follow the guidelines that were put into place as the ones were put into place for me to own and have a domestic animal in the city.  OK, so enjoy your weekend.. We are about to FREEZE going to a soccer game.. What a change from the heat!  Thank you God!