Sunday, October 10, 2010

Anthropologie Made Pillows, Great Finds, Bitthday Party & The Facebook Dog!

Well I was at my FAVORITE store the other day.. and Found this FAB table runner on the clearance table..

Since I really did not need a table runner, but was in need of some new pillows.. I figured I would just cut it up and make some..

I LOVE them.. The add just right amout of color to my livingroom.. and now I can finish sewing other things.

Also found this old window for $1.00.  I left it outside to weather some all summer and then hung it up to display the kids school pictures.. Macy's are not back yet so she is not on here yet.

And while out junking I found the BEST old handpainted Santa sign for $1.00!!! He is a keeper.

We celebrated Macy's 9th Birthday.  We made cupcakes...

And I made her, her "own" mini cake.. So I am not the Cake Boss, but I did have fun with it.

She seemed to really enjoy it and the cake was yummy!

I through a bunch of scrap book paper in the middle of the table with stickers and other goodies and the girls made their own banners!

They loved this.

I found an old pie bird and had to have it.

I have a thing for birds.. and found a few cool nick nacks.. to dust!

Pretty Red Bird, or Cardinal as my husband corrects me!

This is an old planter and I think my favorite!

Sampson.. has been making an impression facebook.  This dog does nothing but sleep all day and I have been posting photos of him and he is starting to get a lot of comments..

As you can see, he is too cute.. I am thinking of giving him his own Facebook page..

He is also enjoying the new Anthropologie Made pillows as well.

His favorite place.. under the kitchen table.
Hope you all are enjoying the wonderful weather.. the fall colors and just the change of seasons.
I will be in my sewing room this week, getting ready for a few fall shows I am doing.  I also have a huge fundraiser for our Elementary School this week as well on Friday.. A totally crazy BUSY week for sure.  Have a great week!

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  1. Happy Birthday Macy. I just had my birthday too.
    The cake looks great. Love those big candles.
    Making banners looks like fun for the girls.
    That dog is something else. Looks like he and Macy are good pals.
    Love the window and picture idea.
    Oh and the pillow. Sew cute. Great use of the table runner.