Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Carly

 Happy 11th Birthday Carly!  Thank you for making our lives so much better and keeping us all entertained!  We love you too much!
Mom, Dad, Macy, Jake and Sampson!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Poodle Skirt and a Play

Well I have been very very missing action the past two weeks.. with the end of school, school parties and Christmas Plays.. it has been crazy here.. Here is a little sample of what I have been up too.
Made a few poodle skirts for the Third Grade Christmas Musical

Here is Macy in her's.

My girls trying to get a good picture....

Leads to this... Love them!

Quick shot of all three, finally!

Macy and Matthew

Matthew and a LOT of girls.. way to go Matthew!

A lot of Happy Third graders singing Christams songs!

Macy in her poodle skirt and "records" dancing.. Most of these kids have NO idea what a "record" is.

And Finally our deer.. They have been coming in nightly to eat.. Last night we had 9 does in the back yard.. It is so pretty to watch them with the snow and moonlight.

We are super busy trying to finish up for Christmas.. I finally finished my wrapping and all the shopping is done! How are things going for you all for the Holidays?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Candle Craft

So what do you do with those old Plastic Christmas Candles?  Make them Beautiful and give them some Bling!

Super easy project.. Just need some Mod Podge, A brush, and some pretty sprinkles

You want to just paint the Mod Podge onto the candle (sorry no photos, my hands were messy) Then just get a shoe box and hold your candle over the box and shake away. That way you can save what does not stick. 

This was a light coat.. You can keep shaking till you cover the whole thing, or leave a littel showing through.  I used two differnet sprinkles (as my girls call it)  Silver and white.

Next I added vintage sheet music to two single ones and then sprinkled the bottoms.  Simply do the same thing.  Paint the candle with the Mod Podge and then cut the paper in to strips.  Wrap it around and then go over it again with the Mod Podge.  I also added a few sprinkles to the sheet music after I got it on there.  Ta-Da.. New life for a vintage old favorite..

I love how they turned out.. I will have some in my shop on Friday too.

And this is my favorite.. I just love this when it is all lite up at night.. Very pretty!

And of coarse.. my daily visitors..Deer.  Have a great day.  I will be back on Thursday with a new fast easy craft too.

Monday, December 6, 2010

I am in LOVE with this....

Dear Santa, Oh is this BEAUTIFUL or what?  Ohhhh, I want this!!! I know it is not a need, but a really bad WANT.
You can find it here

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Favorite Holiday Ornaments

Thought I would share some of FAVORITE Ornaments, hanging on our tree.....

This is my grandma Virgie, she raised me.... She passed away 8 years ago.. and to this day I think of her daily..want to call and talk to her about my life..good and bad.. and Thank God each night for blessing me with the BEST grandma on earth..She taught me many things about life and love and was wise beyond her knowing..She made us all these ornaments from the nursing home, her last Christmas here.

This is my favorite Humming Bird.. My grandpa Bill, who passed away 18 months before my grandma did LOVED Humming Birds.. I found this the year he passed away and it hangs on my tree each year.

This is my husband when he was 7 years old.. His mom made this from a panty hose egg.. Isn't it adorable?

Some fo these moms and teachers are so crafty!

All the ornaments my kids have made me, are my absolute favorites!

Who would of ever thought that a juice lid would be so precious to your heart?

The first ornament my husband gave me, over 20 years ago!

I think this was suppose to be a turkey hand.. turned ornament.. but I love it.

I LOVE this silverware Snowman!

So this tree.. Well I got it up.. and it is one of those pre-lite ones.. I have had it for years and half the lights did not work.. So I looked for a new one.. could not find one like it.  So I added lights to the parts that were out.. problem solved.. WRONG.. then the ones that were one to begin with, went out.. so I have had to take the ornaments off twice, and put new lights on again!  Sadly this tree will be seeing the trash this year, but It is still pretty and It won't ruin my Christmas! 
Stay tuned tomorrow.. I will posting some fun craft ideas for Christmas.
Have a great night!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Need Help Fast.. Twelve Days of Christmas Ideas!!!

OK So I really need some help from all you creative people out there!  A few years ago a very Dear friend of mine, lost her daughter to Cystis Fibrois, she was 7 years old, and her name was Tess.  Tess and her family LOVED to Ding Dong Ditch people and every Christmas their family would choose a family to Ding Dong Ditch.. the year she passed away they choose us.  I have to tell you they are Good at it.. I had NO idea who it was and I even ran into her and her kids at krogers while they were buying stuff to leave on my porch!  Can you say "too much hair color?" Geez.. anywho... It was a lot of fun and we finally figured it out the last night.  My kids would wait and try to catch them, but we never did.. like I said they are good!!! 

So we have adopted this idea in honor of Tess and in honor her family as well.  Really you should try it, it will make your whole holiday, I promise!

So my dilema?  I need some ideas on what to leave.. I had it all stored on my old computer which died.. and I am trying to remember.. I need help with the following days:

3 french hens, 4 Calling birds, 7 swans a swimming, 9 ??? (can't remember that one) 10 lords a leaping, 11 pipers piping and 12 drummers drumming.. So I need a lot of help.. but to give you an example.. I am doing things like Pears and a small tree for day 1 and Turtle candy and Dove Chocolate for day 2, A jar of pineapple rings for day 5..
So you see where I am going.. Just a fun thing they can either play with or eat.. So come on.. Help me out here.. I promise to post it all here and why don't you join me.. I'm sure you know of someone who could use some Holiday cheer and excitement.. I promise it will be the best gift you give yourself this year!
Thank you!  Oh, and don't forget to scroll down and enter my give away.. it ends Wednesday night!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Winner, New Give Away & Thanksgiving

If your name is Chikkaboom,.. then you just won the first give away!  Contact me through email @ with your shipping information and I will get this out to you asap!
Now for the next give away!
Same rules.. just leave a comment.. share the love mention it on your blog, become a follower too.. This adorable Days till Christmas count down is too cute.  The numbers are on the back to count down each day.. This give away ends Wednesday, so hurry.. Leave your comment, and enjoy for the Holiday Season!

I am not sure if any of you have been inside of Bass Pro Shops.. but WOW.. what a great Christmas Display and fun things for the kids to do too!

We loved this train..

This is Santa's House.. It is BEAUTIFUL

Isn't this elf too cute?

My girls and the biggest Nut Cracker they have seen

My son, a future sharp shooter, I'm thinking...After Bass Pro Shop, we made our way to the Grand Ole Opry Hotel.. It has been been reinovated since the floods that hit that Nashville in the spring.. it is AMAZING in there

Waterfalls, a boat ride.. and A MILLION lights.. This is all INSIDE

My kids being..well.. my kids :)  Why I love them.  We had a great time visiting my aunt and uncle in Nashville. 

My aunt gave me this AWESOME bowl.. which now I must collecting more of these.. Love it!

If you have not been to Anthropologie, they have the coolest ribbon.. this is a soft grey velvet.. Love it!

Aren't there candles the best too? Mmmm they smell great.. Will be getting a few more of these.. Love the mercury glass container too.

My in-laws kept Sampson.. Grandma and Grandpa.. he loves it over there and is catching back up on sleeping on the sofa..

This is what my girls were doing right before I typed this.. wearing safety glasses and dancing around the living room..
Don't forget to leave a comment on this post and become a follower too.. The drawing will be Wednesday night at 8 pm!  See you all then
Start decorating!!!!