Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sneak Peak at my Bracelets

Welcome to my new braclets... This is just a few and a sneak peak.. They will be available tomorrow in my etsy shop.

Made with real leather, vintage jewlery and antique lace

They go with anything!

They have all the things us vintage ladies LOVE...

Give me some feed back.. Tell me what you think.  I trust your opinions and advice.
Have a great night!


  1. very pretty and unique...I haven't seen any like this using leather before...I like them. :o)

  2. Hi Mechelle, Just wanted to say thanks for all your well wishes, I really appreciate it. Simone xx

  3. Really, really pretty! I love the one with the blue flowers! Great combination!


  4. Those are great, Mechelle. One another blog I saw one, the lady called a cuff. It was leather with just one ornament. I like all the vintage touches you added even better. How did you think of that? You have some really nice vintage jewelry pieces.

  5. Oh wow! We've missed you! Life is getting back to normal so we can check in more! Bracelets are fabuloso- you have a great eye-

  6. These are darling! I love how you are bringing old things to life! A new spin on bling!

  7. Oh Mechelle, they're gorgeous!
    Really the combination of vintage materials.

    And I'm with ya on being tired of the cold and snow. Bring on the flea markets!!!

    Kimberly :-)

  8. Hey Mechelle! These are so cool. Can't wait to see them in the store, they'll sell fast... make lots.