Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mod Podge Bird House Re-do

So it seems Sheet Music is coming up on everything now a days..and I must say I LOVE it!  I got a bunch of these bird houses a while back and decided to decorate them up.  This is the first one done with sheet music.. below is what I did.

All you need is some Mod Podge ( I use the matte finish), some old sheet music ( you can find at any junk store) a foam brush and a plate.

Simply cut the sheet music out and measure it and apply your Mod Podge to your item and then lay the paper over it.. Go over it again with Mod Podge so it stays on good and also seals it as well.

And here it is finished.. I think it needs a little more bling, but you get the idea..

This is where I got my inspiration.. I did not do this piece, but I did a small one like it and I lOVED it.. It already sold.

Also I fell in love with these, but was not about to pay their prices, so I made my own the same way as above.  You can use battery operated candles and they work perfectly too.

Sheet music just adds some pretty your place.. These would be so pretty on a piano. 
I am playing major catch up on cleaning and organizing.. We had more snow today and the kids should of been home, but our lovely district sent them any way.. (can you tell I a not too happy about that)  So I am finishing up some project and will a lot more great ideas to come!
Have a great day! Stay warm!


  1. Love the sheet music idea. It looks great. The candle one is fun. Have you ever printed images on tissue paper and then heated them to the candle? The tissue paper melts into the wax and disappears and you just see the printing.

    I have a fun candelabra that I think I will do the rolled sheet music in.

    Thanks for the ideas!

  2. The birdhouse is super cute, but yes, it totally needs glitter!! :)

  3. LOVE music pages decoupaged onto stuff. How fun!

  4. The birdhouse is sweet! You think you could teach the birds to read sheet music? *Laugh*