Monday, May 24, 2010

Another Winner!

We have a winner Rachel from Chippy Cottage Farm House!  Yea for you!  Email me Rachel with your address and I will get this bag out to you!  Congrats again!  Check out Rachel's blog, is is so pretty!

I have another Give Away starting tomorrow.. It will be something new, handmade and not from me!

Short post today. I have a little one home sick and we are going for a strep test..:(  We have had so many baseball, softball games this weekend and all week it is crazy here!  My house is a mess and I am hoping to get that cleaned up before school is out on Thursday for the summer!
Is anyone else feeling a little rushed and stressed? Geez.. what they cram into school the last few weeks is just CRAZY!  See you all tomorrow.. have a great night~!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Give Away

Give Away #2
Here is a new tote bag I made recently.. It is super roomy, quilted on the inside, great pockets and has a fresh "Summer" look to it!  These fabric are Amy Butlers, an older line.. but still FAB!!!
All you need to do to enter is just leave a comment and become a follower is you already are Not one.
I will do the drawing on Sunday night and announce the winner on Monday.  
Remember I am doing four weeks of Give Away's.  This is week number 2.. 
Now I am off to work in that sewing room, that I started a week ago and just closed the door on and walked way.  Lots of sewing to do, but I need to clean and organize that room! Have a great night!

Monday, May 17, 2010

GIve Away Winner and Flea Market Finds

And the winner is...... Joyce I love Pretty Things
And I am hoping she does love Pretty Things, lol.. Joyce send me an email @  and send me your address, so I can get these pretty things to you, asap.  Stop by her blog, it is Wonderful!!!
 Now onto the Flea Market Finds....

I have yet to drag this table into my house, but keep pulling it out of my garage to use it for something or another.. and please excuse the back yard mess..... but sadly something has to give till the kids get out of school and this is it.  So here are the goodies I found over the weekend.. Between yard sales and a wonderful Flea Market, I think I did alright :)

This black glass display cabinet, is Wonderful.. And this old scale, I fell in love with.  I have never seen one with this much neat detailing on it.  And for some reason I keep finding these typewritters, but they are so great to decorate with.

The side of the scale.

A box of old lace and trim.. A Sewers Dream!
This box is FULL!  After picking and picking and picking, the lady finally made me a killer price on the whole box.. I think she wanted to get out of her booth, lol..
I LOVE these old yard long black and white pictures.. This one is of an old Navy Unit.. I think I may be keeping this one for a while..
I also love the old suitcases I have been finding..I have always loved using them, and these are the best!  They still have the old travel stickers on them and are the perfect "shabby" look!
A project that I will showing on here, hopefully soon.. I am going to paint these white, have my husband make a top for them, so they will stay together and they will be at the Mercantile soon!
I think I have an obsession with drawers!
How cute is this?  Also going to be at the Mercantile!
Some neat fabric on the top, and someone will have a neat, chippy, perfect Aqua storage box, ottoman!
And these old Shutters.. I love old shutters.. So many uses and a MUST for any home who loves the cottage look!  
All these items will be at the Mercantile Mall in Old Downtown Milford, Ohio by Wednesday.  So stop in if you are around.. Lots going down this week, markdowns and the girls have stocked the store with neat new stuff..
Another Give Away will start tomorrow.. I am doing Four Weeks of Give Aways!  So stay tunned.. and it won't all be my stuff, or sewing stuff.. so keep checking back!  Have a great day and Thanks to ALL who entered and left a comment, I go to all your blogs too and you ALL are so talented!  Have a great Monday!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Give Away

First I want to apologize for being a day late... Seems I have a hard time saying NO and have double, triple booked myself at school for volunteering.. I need to learn to say NO every now and then..
Back to the GIVE AWAY!!! 
I will be giving away ONE Coffee Cozy Wrap and ONE Wristlet Key Fob/Chain
All you have to do is leave a comment, and become a follower, if you already are not.  That is all you have to do.  I will doing the drawing on Monday evening. I will post the winner Monday night or Tuesday morning.
My Coffee Wraps, can be used for water bottles, coffee and more. These make FAB teacher gifts.. just tuck a coffee shop gift certificate in there and there you go!  If you live in Madeira... the teachers love these with Coffee Please Gift Cards in them!
These are just a few to choose to from.. I have PLENTY more!
Plenty of Key Chains too.. These also make GREAT Teacher gifts.. They like be able to find their keys!
So leave a comment, become a follower and I hope you win.. Spread the word too!
I am off to another school function tonight and I will be working tomorrow at the Mercantile Mall in Milford.. I will be stocking my space with more goodies and I will take photos too.. Stop in if you are in the area, or come by to shop!  We have GREAT ladies in there! Store opens at 11:00.
Have a great night! Email me if you are interested in any key chains, coffee wraps, or aprons for teacher gifts.. I will be stocking my Etsy store on Sunday, but if you want it sooner, just email me!  Have a great night!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cleaning Day

Don't you just Love this Ad?  I have dish towels with this on it and I just love it.. Well today I am cleaning my sewing room.. It is very Scary in there.. I would of posted a photo of it, but I left my camera on, hooked up to the computer and now it is dead!  Why do I keep doing that? Anyway.. I just wanted to pop in and say Hey, share this coffee ad with you and let you know my give away starts tomorrow.. So be sure to check back tomorrow evening for the listing...
Have a great day!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Fun Weekend

Well I have to say that this weekend was a fun and packed full!
I took some of my things into my sister in laws place, since the art show was rained out.. 
We had a great time.. I was able to snap a few pictures before the batteries died in my camera.. when will I learn to carry extra batteries with me?????
A few pictures of my stuff while I was setting up and trying to figure out where I was putting it..
A corner of Kathy's Shop.. Love this potting table, she got this on Craigs List!  I LOVE craigs list!
One of her hand painted garden stones too!  Hope you all had a great Mother's Day! 
I am now going to clean my sewing room, because it is TERRIBLE in there and clean up my house too! 
I will be having a give away that will start on Wednesday, so be sure to check back!  I am going to do one a week for the rest of May!  So be sure to check back on Wednesday!  Have a great day!

Monday, May 3, 2010

New Show Date

Well it RAINED here for like two days!  And when I say rain, I mean hard rains, winds and just terrible weather.. so I did not do the art show.. But I am doing a one day show at my Sister-n-laws shop here in Madeira on Laurel Avenue, just off Euclid or Miami Avenue.  
I will be there this coming Saturday, from 11 to 5.. If you live near by, I would love to see you.  Stop in, you will love her shop and you will get to see the goodies I have been working on too.

Here are a few aprons I will have there..
For some reason, some of my pictures did not take well.. oh well. you get the jist.. These are just a few.. I have a lot more to choose from.I also will have tons of purses, tote bags, Wristlet Key Chains, Re-use able snack bags, Water Bottle Holders, Pillows, Craft Aprons, Banners and Pillow Case Dresses, for the little ones.  So stop by if you are in the area and grab something for Mother's Day or for yourself or a friend.. Email me if you have any questions..