Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cleaning Day

Don't you just Love this Ad?  I have dish towels with this on it and I just love it.. Well today I am cleaning my sewing room.. It is very Scary in there.. I would of posted a photo of it, but I left my camera on, hooked up to the computer and now it is dead!  Why do I keep doing that? Anyway.. I just wanted to pop in and say Hey, share this coffee ad with you and let you know my give away starts tomorrow.. So be sure to check back tomorrow evening for the listing...
Have a great day!


  1. Your BLOG is Fabulous! What a talent you are...we are now blog buddies. Happy Day!

  2. I should have read this yesterday morning. I love it.
    I was rushing to finish an embroidery project and turned the apron the wrong way so the name was sideways. What was I thinking? Stupid was the nicest thing I called myself.
    Love the picture of Macy at three...precious.

  3. Love this ad!! I need that poster for my office. Can't wait to come back tomorrow for the giveaway. Thanks for stopping by today and I am so glad my tip helped you with old candlewax!