Thursday, September 30, 2010

EASY Halloween Decoration

Is this the Cutest, Easiest Idea EVER????
OK, so I am making these for the store and some for home too.  What an easy craft to do and get your kids involved too.  How many times are you at the Junk Store (thrift store) and you see like a gazillion of these glass, frosted celing fan shades? You thik to your self..."if only someone would come up with something to do with those".... Well run there tomorow and grab a ton!
Take a marker and draw a face on it, color it in.. I used sharpies.  The base is a clay saucer, painted black and then one of those new handy NO FLAME candles, (which all the husbands love) and you are done!  They make great gifts.. Great craft ideas for parties and fun to make too!
Now, run to the junk store and be sure to leave at least ONE for your fellow junker who will be in behind you. 
Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall Decorations

 I love Fall......

I'm not sure if it is the fact that I am so tired of the HOT weather we have had in Cincinnati, or just ready for a change.. but I love Fall.  How come my window box NEVER looks like this? And you don't even have to water!

I want this wreath for my door...

I would love to find a path with these pretty colors and take a walk.. but I don't think I will find that in Cincinnati this year.. Not enough rain and all we have are dead leaves on the ground :(

I a getting ready to decorate.. and I found some canning jars last night while junking and I can't wait to get them out.  My friend Breanda told me to use popcorn in the cars with a candle.. It is cheaper than candy corn and looks fab too!

Hope you all are enjoying fall too and that you are getting your decorations out too.. Take some photos.. I want to see.. I will link back to you!
Have a great day!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Shower Curtain Update

I am so bad about telling where I find things.. Sorry.. I found this shower curtain on ebay, brand new Here  Also, it is a little sheer, so you can see through it a little.. it is not solid cotton. but it still looks pretty and I have decided that I do Love it!  Thanks ladies. Your the best!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Fun, Finds and Friends

So I went on a field trip with my daughters 5th grade class to the zoo!  It was too much fun.  I had the best group of girls.. It is sooooo much nicer going on field trips with older kids..

These girls had more fun posing for pictures..

What did they think was the most fun?  Going UP the DOWN escalator!

When I was junking I came across these old Kangaroo's.. Do any of you remember them?

They had that snazzy pocket on the side where you could stash a quarter.  Remember when you could actually BUY something for a quarter???  They don't fit either of my girls..which they were super bummed about, there are a size 5 1/2.. if anyone out there can use these, email me.. I was going to put them in my etsy shop, but I will offer them to you first.  I'm only asking $5.00  that a steal!  They are in gerat shape too..

Then I decided to wear one of vintage pins and my thrift store belt to work last Friday.. I have to say I loved it!  I love that old pin are back in style!

My new shower curtain.. I like it.. but not sure I Love it yet....

A great oil painting I found, now this I LOVE!

Too pretty!  Hope you are all are having great weeks.. We have been so busy with school and sewing projects.  I helped my youngest daughters Girl Scout troop make headbands the other night.  I had 22 girls.. It was too much fun and they loved it.  I am enjoying my kids and getting some VERY LONG OVER DO projects done.. I also am having a party here for Macy's birthday which was earlier this month. So I will pop back in soon.  Have a great weekend..

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Four days of Wandering

I Love LONG weekend, but I hate short weeks.. when it causes me total confusion!
I have been a day behind all week, and a dollar short! 
This is a crazy wacky idea I had.. I took an old cake server and covered it with fabric scraps.. It is not totally dry here, so it looks better now.. but Trust me, no one will mistake your cake server for theirs at a party!
I also did another window.. I seem to sell these and I LOVE making them.. It must be the patchwork, but I just love them.  This one is not dry and again, looks better now that it is dry.  I tried something new this time an I actually used fabric instead of paper and I glued it right to the glass.. Loved it and it looks great and much easier to work with.
Monday was Macy's Birthday.. she turned 9.. My baby is 9! Her new outfit, adorable.
She got her VERY OWN Ipod nano.
She also has Bieber Fever, really bad!
She is a wonderful girl! Always willing to help out, cares about everyone! Can tell a story and is so quick witted.. hmmm.. wonder where that comes from.. She has the best smile ever and she has the biggest heart you will ever find.  She is a wonderful friend to all and she loves animals too. And we love her with all our hearts! What a blessing she is to us!
This is the picture of me she took.. Not the best.. but you get to see what I look like at least :)
And Sampson... Looking out the window, messing up the sofa as usual.. What's on is mind you ask?  Well, he is just trying to figure out where to take his pre-nap.. the nap you take before your big nap in the afternoon!
Have a great weekend.. If you are in the Milford area this weekend, stop by old Milford for the Sun Flower festival.. Tons of vendors and great sales at the shop too!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

That was NO fun!

First of all, Thank you God, I am feeling better.. It is NO fun being sick.. and my house went to He** in a hand basket and back again! Don't you just love this dresser!  LOVE this.. found this pic on the internet and I am dying to try this on a piece of furniture.. now I have to find the perfect piece..
Look at my new floor pillow I bought from Tuesday Mornings.. It caught my eye across the room.. It reminds me of Anna Maria Horner's fabric's and Amy Butler's floor cushion..
Oh, I LOVE the colors!
Also got some new artwork in the mail this week.. Found this wonderful artist on etsy.. Her name is
Katie Daisy and you will LOVE her work.
I have a LOVE for vintage posters.. and I love this one.. Again it's the colors.. for someone who loves white and cream.. Red is becoming a known color in my house with a lot of aqua!
My girls have had one party after another to go to lately.. lots of September Birthday's.. including Macy's which is Monday!  So this is for a friend of her's.. Lilly!
We made Lilly an outfit.. complete with a headband.
OK, this is Carly.. she entered a "fashion" contest at Sears on line..She had to order most of the outfit on line and she did a great job.. The shoes are mine.. got them at Target.. I thought she looked cute, but a little too grown up!
Both my girls loving on the dog and the camera...!
OK, so I have a funny story to share and it is worth the read.. so please read it... I promise if you are having a bad day, it will make you laugh...
So Carly, the "fashion designer" wanna be.. listens to this radio staion, 107.1 here in Cincinnati.. plays all the annoying music that drives parents anyway the other day my husband see's a piece of paper near the computer with the words: written on them.  He immediately thought it was our son's handwritting... well I knew that hand writting.. and it was not Jake's.. So asked Carly in a "no big deal" sorta way and she said, "oh yea, that was mine"  I almost died!  I asked her where she had heard about this website.. and she said "on the radio, they were advertising a contest that you could enter and win a "fun" party on their site for you and your friends" So she wrote down the website and went to it.. she immediately realized it was not a site she was suppose to be on, so she clicked off.. but I just about died.. I knew shew as telling the trusth as she is really into contest right now and I have heard that commerical myself and she is right, that is what they said.  It was one of those moments as a parent it takes all you have to keep a straight face.. Needless to say, I emailed the station and asked them why they are allowing adult sites to be advertised on a station that is geared towards teens? I have yet to get an answer..But anyway.. I wanted to share that story with you.. Kids.. you gotta Love them!
Have a great weekend!