Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just Me Rambling On...

Don't you just LOVE this?  I now know what I am going to do with all my left over vintage wallpaper and old suitcases I have.. I'm sorry. I do not remember where I saw this, and my computer is on it's last leg.. so if this is yours, give me a shout, because this is the BEST EVER!!!!
I just thought these old pin cushions were the neatest I have seen.  Look how creative some people are!
Still by far, my FAVORITE chair in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!  Love Sis Boom and her fabrics and her creativeness!!!!
I want this living room!  I like everything in here.. It just says "home" and "cozy"
This is something my friend found and put on her facebook page.. I thought it was so funny, but also so true! This should be a bumper sticker... hmmmmmmm
We are on our way tonight to Costco to get a new computer.  Ours has just about bit the dust and I can NOT live without one, and neither can my husbands business.. so we are off to go there tonight.  My husband has never been there.. I just took my kids about a month ago and my daughter says "this place is a lot like Ikea, but with food" Priceless.. what a great way to describe it!
Jake and I are on our way to the junk store to pick up a 99 cent dresser I found.  It has great bones but needs some serious paint and cleaning.. I will post pics soon!  Have a great night and thanks for listening to me ramble about nothing and share all the pics I found of things I love!.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer Show

Well let me start by saying, I apologize for the LONG delay in between blogs.  We have been super busy and had so much going on, I have hardly had any time on the computer.  Also we are having serious computer issues and I think I am in need of a new one.. But I did do a small show at a local swim club and although it was so HOT and I mean HOT.. and I did not sell as much as I would of liked too.. I did get some great orders and two coffee shops interested in carrying my coffee wraps and key chains.. so for that, it was worth the HEAT!  Here a few pics of my set up there..
I have to say Hi! to Elise... :)
I did a few of these for my etsy store.. which will be posted tomorrow.  I will be selling them for $18.00 they are so too cute for the little girls!
I had a few camera straps left over as well.  I am taking the rest to my shop space in Milford @ the Mercantile Mall on Main Street!  Stop by there and see my new things.
Water bottle holders.. These are just great!  I have a few that I use all the time.  My girls use them too.. I get so tired of everyone needing a drink, getting a water and then wanting ME to carry them all.  So this way they can carry their own!  These will be in my etsy shop and the shop at Milford as well $8.00.
My latest piece of furniture I am working on.. I still need to cover the top with sheet music.. and then it is going to the shop in Milford.  
And last, but not least.. are my favorite deers!  This is "Mamma" and her babies.  We have been feeding Mamma all winter long.. watching her belly grow and finally she brought her babies around.  This deer is so use to us, she does not care if we are outside or not.. even when her babies are around.
Aren't they adorable?  We also have another Doe that comes around daily and we have named her "Skitty" she is afraid of her own shadow.. Now my husband is a HUGE hunter, but he knows that these gals are my pets, lol.. He tells the kids that if shot "Mamma or Skitty" that their mamma would have his head hanging on the wall.. and I think he is right! :)  Have a great day.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Anniversary and a Birthday

18 Years ago yesterday I married my best friend...
Paul.. Don't you love the mullett? 
And on our 5th year anniversary, we got the best present EVER!  We had our first baby, Jake.
Although Jake was a month early, he weighed 6 lbs and 11 oz's.. So I am GLAD he came a month early!
This boy turned 13 years old yesterday.. My first teenager.. He is a wonderful child.  Patient, caring and a super hard worker.  He is cutting four lawns this summer and making his own money. He helps around the house, is not afraid of getting his hands dirty or helping with anything.  He loves TRAINS, like no one else, he loves his friends, and his family. We are very blessed to have this guy as part of our family!
And we are still doing wonderful, he still makes me very happy, still makes me tingle in the tummy and We both could NOT get back in our wedding outfits if our lives depended on it.. well maybe if our lives depended on it, but it would not be pretty! :)  We still make each other laugh and if you can laugh together still, you have it made! :)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tutu Skirt for a B-Day gift

What do you do for a sweet little girl who is turning one?  You make her a tutu and a cute little shirt to match. 
She tried to fit in it, but no such luck.. I think she would wear one if I made her one :)
We also spent the day yesterday at Coney Island for my son's birthday.  He is turning 13 tomorrow.. the same day as our Wedding anniversary.. We will be married for 18 years tomorrow.  Here is my son and his friends on the lake trying desperately, to catch up with two girls they spotted....
I guess we are at that age.. Hmmmmm Guess my fun is only beginning..
Meanwhile.. the girls and I played some games, and found the BEST spot in the whole park to cool off, a HUGE fan!  It was heaven..  
Going out to dinner alone with NO kids tonight.. it will be so nice.. Wonder what we will talk about.. the kids.. wonder how many phones calls and texts we will get tonight?  Oh well.. sometime alone with Paul will be really nice!  Have a great night!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lazy Summer Days

Well I have been hard at work in the sewing room. This is just a shot of the coaster I have been working on.  I have a few local shows coming up for summer and a few for fall, so I have been working like crazy..
Still have not updated my etsy shop!! Where does the time go?  I just realized that in one month from Friday my kids go back to school.. Part of me is happy and part is sad.. I like the quiet to work, but I also like not having school things to deal with too!  Anyway.. hopefully I can my shop filled in the next few days.. 
But in the mean time.. we have been doing a few things..
Went to the parade and watched fireworks.. Had a blast.. This is James our friend and basically like family! He is a too much fun!!!
My daughter Macy and our friends little girl watching the Parade.. 
The BEST cupcake outdoor decoration I saw!  It is Madeira's 100 year celebration so they have these cupcakes at city hall.. They are ADORABLE and I knew all you bloggers would LOVE them...
Appears to be just chicken wire, a plastic tub and flowers made out of tissue paper, but I think it is Awesome!

I re-stocked my space with some goodies.

Here are a few book marks I have been making..I just love them! And this lamp is too pretty!  Wish I had a house big enough to keep all the goodies I find, sigh...
Anyway, I am off to take one to the doctor who keeps getting a sore throat, hate that! And then sewing some goodies for a birthday party today and one of Saturday.. finishing up a chair that was a special order and hopefully getting my etsy shop stocked.. No time!!! Have a great day, and enjoy the sun!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

American Flag Banner

American Flag Banner

I wanted to share with you, a little flag banner I made.  I had an old red and white sweater vest that no longer fit, and an old denim skirt that use to fit the girls and decided to make a little banner for our porch.

I cut this old sweater up into 5" x 4" 's

All you need to do is cut a small square out of the jeans, and then sew it to the corner of your fabric flag.  I then hand stitched a small star in the center of each flag.  I used bias trim to sew my finished flag too.  Make sure you leave enough room on the ends to tie your banner up.  Hope you all have a great 4th of July! I am taking the weekend off, to stock my etsy store and finish up some new projects I have been working on.. Be back on Monday!