Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tutu Skirt for a B-Day gift

What do you do for a sweet little girl who is turning one?  You make her a tutu and a cute little shirt to match. 
She tried to fit in it, but no such luck.. I think she would wear one if I made her one :)
We also spent the day yesterday at Coney Island for my son's birthday.  He is turning 13 tomorrow.. the same day as our Wedding anniversary.. We will be married for 18 years tomorrow.  Here is my son and his friends on the lake trying desperately, to catch up with two girls they spotted....
I guess we are at that age.. Hmmmmm Guess my fun is only beginning..
Meanwhile.. the girls and I played some games, and found the BEST spot in the whole park to cool off, a HUGE fan!  It was heaven..  
Going out to dinner alone with NO kids tonight.. it will be so nice.. Wonder what we will talk about.. the kids.. wonder how many phones calls and texts we will get tonight?  Oh well.. sometime alone with Paul will be really nice!  Have a great night!

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