Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer Show

Well let me start by saying, I apologize for the LONG delay in between blogs.  We have been super busy and had so much going on, I have hardly had any time on the computer.  Also we are having serious computer issues and I think I am in need of a new one.. But I did do a small show at a local swim club and although it was so HOT and I mean HOT.. and I did not sell as much as I would of liked too.. I did get some great orders and two coffee shops interested in carrying my coffee wraps and key chains.. so for that, it was worth the HEAT!  Here a few pics of my set up there..
I have to say Hi! to Elise... :)
I did a few of these for my etsy store.. which will be posted tomorrow.  I will be selling them for $18.00 they are so too cute for the little girls!
I had a few camera straps left over as well.  I am taking the rest to my shop space in Milford @ the Mercantile Mall on Main Street!  Stop by there and see my new things.
Water bottle holders.. These are just great!  I have a few that I use all the time.  My girls use them too.. I get so tired of everyone needing a drink, getting a water and then wanting ME to carry them all.  So this way they can carry their own!  These will be in my etsy shop and the shop at Milford as well $8.00.
My latest piece of furniture I am working on.. I still need to cover the top with sheet music.. and then it is going to the shop in Milford.  
And last, but not least.. are my favorite deers!  This is "Mamma" and her babies.  We have been feeding Mamma all winter long.. watching her belly grow and finally she brought her babies around.  This deer is so use to us, she does not care if we are outside or not.. even when her babies are around.
Aren't they adorable?  We also have another Doe that comes around daily and we have named her "Skitty" she is afraid of her own shadow.. Now my husband is a HUGE hunter, but he knows that these gals are my pets, lol.. He tells the kids that if shot "Mamma or Skitty" that their mamma would have his head hanging on the wall.. and I think he is right! :)  Have a great day.


  1. Everything looks so pretty, Mechelle. I love the bright summery fabrics you have used. Wish you would have sold more, but sometimes the contacts you make with people will pay off later. You have a nice varity of items. Love the little tutu. And I am so envious of that childs mannequin to display on. I really need one for pictures of the little clothes I do. You are a busy girl getting all that done.

  2. OMG...you certainly have been a busy bee...I love all your items. What a nifty (can I still say that?) idea...the water bottle carrier.

    And I love your Deer story...like new babies.

    I love you...keep up the good work.

    Love and Kisses