Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just Me Rambling On...

Don't you just LOVE this?  I now know what I am going to do with all my left over vintage wallpaper and old suitcases I have.. I'm sorry. I do not remember where I saw this, and my computer is on it's last leg.. so if this is yours, give me a shout, because this is the BEST EVER!!!!
I just thought these old pin cushions were the neatest I have seen.  Look how creative some people are!
Still by far, my FAVORITE chair in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!  Love Sis Boom and her fabrics and her creativeness!!!!
I want this living room!  I like everything in here.. It just says "home" and "cozy"
This is something my friend found and put on her facebook page.. I thought it was so funny, but also so true! This should be a bumper sticker... hmmmmmmm
We are on our way tonight to Costco to get a new computer.  Ours has just about bit the dust and I can NOT live without one, and neither can my husbands business.. so we are off to go there tonight.  My husband has never been there.. I just took my kids about a month ago and my daughter says "this place is a lot like Ikea, but with food" Priceless.. what a great way to describe it!
Jake and I are on our way to the junk store to pick up a 99 cent dresser I found.  It has great bones but needs some serious paint and cleaning.. I will post pics soon!  Have a great night and thanks for listening to me ramble about nothing and share all the pics I found of things I love!.


  1. I love that Sis Boom chair too! I know I clipped that and saved it in my "make this" file!! Very cute.

  2. Love the photos. I WANT that chair. It's the cutest chair ever. Thanks for the eye candy!

  3. Hi Mechelle!
    Thanks for stopping by. :-)
    Hunny is a cutie, but I'm sporting lots of "teething puppy" scars. LOL I'll be glad when she gets through this stage.
    Love, LOVE the living room picture...the hanging light fixture alone has me drooling.

    Stay cool. My poor neglected yard is suffering. Its just too HOT to work out there!

    Kimberly :-)

  4. Oh how I love that Sis Boom, so pretty. The living room picture is so cozy. Hope you found a computer!