Monday, August 30, 2010

Not being Creative

OK, so I kept feeling worse all weekend.. Had a funeral for a life long friend this weekend.  That was hard enough and Steve was definately too younge to die at the age of 42, with Cancer.  It's hard to see someone you have known since you were like 6, die.  It's to see anyone pass on I know that for sure.
I woke up Sunday feeling physically worse, and although I wanted to stay in bed all day, that did not happen. 
Carly had a birthday party to attend and I was to make an apron for the gift, along with a few new headbands.  After dropping her off we went to Costco, my husband loves that place, then freaks out when he see's the total as we are checking out.. Hello???? The cart is over flowing....

Anyway.. I kept feeling worse my chest started hurting, fever was back, chills and coughing.. Coughing so hard  that you finally realize what giving birth to 3 babies did to my bladder.. I swear I think my bladder is just sitting there.. I hope only women read this blog.. but it seems I can't leave the house without a panty liner on.. I mean I laugh, sneeze or cough and it is all over.. You know what I mean.. anyway, (way off track here) I felt like crap all night.. can't hardly speak.. and I never get sick.. so today I got some new drugs from the doctor.. I am hoping they work.. I have walking pneuminia.. Not fun at all..

My house is a mess from the weekend.. I mean it looks terrible.. My husband tries, but they don't clean like we do.. they clean around the clutter.. I don't get that, but I am not going to complain.
I feel like I am rambling here and I'm sorry if you are now asleep... But I am hoping to feel better by tomorrow or Wednesday.. I have sold things in my shop space and I need to restock that.. I have orders here to finish up  and I have a FULL head of ideas that are on paper hanging in my sewing room, all over the house to get busy on.. and I have NO fuel to get moving..

SO I am going back to house will stay dirty and cluttered one more day.. I'm sure no one here will mind!  I do have company today, Carly is home sick too.. I hope she does not end up with this..
I never have the tv on during the daytime, so I am having a hard time finding something to watch besides Wife Swap..which I hate to admit this, I LOVE that show.. I mean are those real families? WOW I'm addicted to Liftime TV, I will admit that too. 

I'm also going to try to catch up on my soaps today.. That is where I got the names for my girls.. Carly from As the World Turns, and Macy from The Bold and the Beautiful.. OK, now it sounds like I really need to get to bed.. I am telling WAY to much crazyness and I'm sure you are bored to death!
Stay well.. and I will be back!  I promise..

Friday, August 27, 2010

Major Sicko!

I am a major sicko!  I am pretty sure I have strep throat, sinus infection and just a case of the Yuckies!
But whoever thought to put Lotion in Kleenex,was BRILLIANT! I love these things. .and they have become my new BFF for the past few days!
I will be back when I am feeling better.. Stay well!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weekend finds

I thought I would share some of my weekend finds with you.. This bedroom set, 7 pieces I found at a local junk store..Just cleaned it up today and it is going to my booth on Tuedsay.. What a great find!
This thing was DIRTY!
I recovered the chair with this reproduction barkcloth I had..It has a little bit of gold in it, so it looks great in person.
Adorable Night Stand too!
This one has LOTS of storage.. could even be used a end table.. Love it!!
I would say I found a "few" vintage sheets..Washed them all today and they are getting ready to become totes, quitls and much much more!
I should really be in a support group for my addiction to vintage jewlery!
I would love to try re-use this stuff for necklaces and things.. maybe this winter..hmmmmmm
Is this the best vintage TV tray you have seen?  I think it is a coffe tray to be exact.. but I love it... think it would make cute fabric.
Found this vintage hand stitched trim.. Just have to figure out what to do with it.. but love the colors
Can you imagine how long it took to do this? And it is perfect too..
Great crochet trims.. soon to be on some aprons I am finishing up.
And this Great Clothes Pink bag.. I am in LOVE with these old bags that are made from vintage feed sacks.. I have two.. and someday when I do my laundry room, they will hang up in there.  Till then, I will use them to keep my clothes pins in.
Hope you all had a great weekend.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


My Kids are going back to school tomorrow.. I so NEED a schedule again.. I need some quiet here in the daytime so I can work.. I also have this HUGE need to go through each room and give it a update. 
Don't you love old windows?  I just can't pass them up, there are too many clever things to do with them..
Obviously I have bedrooms on the brain.. Since my kids will be out of the house for hours at a time.. I will be going through their bedrooms.. getting ready for some changes in them.. and mine too..
Isn't this vintage wallpaper collage the best?
And more vintage sheets.. Aren't these too pretty?  I will be spending the next few days moving furniture around, cleaning my house of summer and trying to get back on a schedule.  It seems as soon as my kids go to school in the fall, the project list is hot in hand and I am working on getting a lot done.. does not always get done, but I have good intentions!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The BEST Ice Cream Ever.. Come on in...

While on our mini vacation.. We came across a small town that we stopped in, Corydn Indiana.. And while there we found the BEST Ice Cream shop in the US! Come on in.. you will see why.
First of all.. Just the outside of this place caught my eye.. all the vintage things.. and of Coarse the sign that said Ice Cream.. I mean it was like 95 degrees out and I had just walked like 5 blocks with my kids..whinning the whole time!!!!
I just about died when I walked through the door.. like a time machine.. WOW
Look at the bar stools, the old chalkboards.. LOVE it all.
Look at all this Taffy.. and it is the old kind of taffy. Look at the old fans.. all working perfectly..
This is behind the main counter.. look at the old toys and bubble bath containers.. I am telling you this place was magical.
Candy.. candy.. candy.. YUM YUM YUM!!!
Completely restored orginial coke machine
The best old bubble bath containers.. Love the colors!
The Rice Krispies Guys were there too!
A drawing of the Orginial shop.. Mrs. Emery made all her ice cream by hand.. She had this little shop in front of her home.  She would open after school and after dinner at night.  The new owner has her old recipes and seached all over to make the inside as orginial as it use to be.  There is not even a phone in this place. The ice cream is unreal.. I had a huge bananna split and they even had ice cream called Cake Batter.. I love cake batter and boy this was dead on!!!!
The two gals that took great care of us, filled us in on the history and were super nice..
Love this picture!
And this one too!  Check out their web site.. really you will love it!
Check out this old town.. It was fun!
And one of my favorite pics from vacation.... My Carly, fast asleep on the boat going in for the day, after a day of tubing on Lake Patoka..

 If you live any where near Indiana.. You have to check this place out.. Wonderful family lake.. Very clean, fun place.  I will post more pics tomorrow.. Now back to reality.. mountains of laundry, dentist appt and last minute school shoe shopping.. And my kids don't know yet, but we are stopping at a Thrift Shop too, lol.. They will be SO happy, NOT.. :) Stay cool and have a great afternoon!  Thanks for looking at my trip pictures too!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Vintage Sheets

SO I have been OBSESSED with Vintage Sheets.. and now that I found all the wonderful things to make with them.. I am on a mission to find as many as I can.  I found a nice lot last night at the Thrift Shop..washed them up and hung them out to dry today.. I can't wait to get busy on them and make all kinds of things.. I have been wanting to make a quilt out of them for a while.. look how pretty that would be...
I also am getting ready to sew some pretty baby shoes for a friend of mine who just had a baby.. aren't these adorable?
I am so happy she had a baby girl.. I think I will be keeping her in shoes for a while :)
Then we off to the Lake for a vacation, Patoka Lake in Indiana.. So no sewing till after we get back.. Isn't this postcard great?  I won't be looking like this for sure, but thought it was cute.. Have a great week, keep cool and I will see you all next week!