Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Baby Deer, A Bunny, A crazy Squirrel and Poor Sampson

In our back yard.. we have this wonderful Doe that comes each year to eat.. We have named her Momma.  She brings her babies each year and we can't wait to see them.. This year.. there are some very hungry bunnies that want to share in the feeder...

Momma does not mind the bunny.. but the babies are a little curious..

They are getting a little closer to take a peek

When the bunny runs off, they all back up a little scared...

Then back to eating.. and one who spied me in the window

And as they ran away due to the crazy noises going on in another tree.. it was all because of this crazy squirrel..

Who had found an empty peanut butter jar in my garbage and was helping himself

Yes, his head in the jar.. He was going to town on this jar..

And while all the crazy wildlife is going on outside.. poor Sampson is in the house resting from his surgery on Tuesday.. He had a skin tag on his chest removed and is doing much better and will soon be back to his normal self. Isn't he sweet?  Feel better buddy!
Have a great night!


  1. Wow, Mutual of Omaha is brought to you today by the Hyatt's.

  2. How wonderful that you can see wildlife from your window. Baby deer are so sweet...little Bambis. That bad boy squirrel is "nuts"
    Poor Sampson. Hope he is all better now. Probably just as well he was confined to the house during your photo shoot.