Tuesday, July 5, 2011

More Shop Items

Well I spent my 4th in the sewing room..

We have partied all weekend and it rained in the morning, so I thought I would get caught up again..

I've been making some cards to sell at the shop and they seem to be moving well.

I just like that they are simple and I am using my scraps!!

They are great for anything... Write your own personal message in side...

This is one of my favorites.. Love the color's of this one.

I decided to do a few sets of place mats too.. I am working on more of those and also a few table runners as well.

Since I should be in rehab for my obsession over vintage jewelry, I decided to do something with it all..

I just love these little things..

It makes paper work "pretty"

I also have been dying to make some of these bracelets.. Not sure if these will leave my house, as I LOVE them, but I think I will be making a few of these for the store as well...

Sorry for the "rant" yesterday with my post... Sometimes you need to just get things out and boy do I feel so much better :)  Hey, that's what a blog is for right?  It's can't be all fun and games, that is not real life and I am all about real life! :)  I get to have lunch with two of my dearest, oldest (younger than me) friends.. take my dog to the vet for a minor surgery and then come home to get my girl Carly ready for her week at camp next week.. yes it will take us a week to pack as this is the FIRST time she will ever be at camp, but she is so excited and I am excited for her.. Hope you all have a great day!

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  1. Cute cards. You are so creative. You must have the biggest collection of vintage jewelry I have seen. Your bracelets are wonderful. I must have missed a few posts. Gonna go back one more to check out your "rant". And yes, blogs work well for that and it is all about being honest and real.