Friday, July 22, 2011

Back from Vacation

We just got back from Patoka Lake in Southern Indiana.

We did a lot of this fishing

One of my favorite pictures...

Macy and her daddy.

Our cabin.. which we loved!

Carly and I on the boat

We did LOTS of this.. well the kids did :)

More fishing...and Carly caught her fish ever.. a Catfish!

More tubing.. because can you get enough of this?

This boy would fish from sun up to sun down....

We found a train museum in French Lick, it was Awesome! And the Train lover was in Heaven

This is my favorite picture.. Might be my Christmas card this year.. All Aboard!!!!

Thank Goodness Butt Drugs was open and Carly and Macy both got to buy shirts.. This old drug store was amazing.. This was in the town of Cordyn, Indiana

Family photo outside of Butt Drugs..

A favorite stop along the way...

Our favorite Ice Cream shop.. Emery's..

Look at all the vintage stuff in there.. Love it!

OK, so penny candy is no longer a penny.. more like 10 pieces for $1.00

We had a great week.  It was relaxing, fun and we are tired.. I am now doing laundry and putting all the vacation stuff away...Now back to work and enjoying the rest of summer.. Ours is almost over.. only three weeks to go.. I wish school did not start back up till after Labor day, like the good ole days!  Hope you all had a great week.  If you live near Patoka Lake, you need to go.. Fun, Affordable and tons of great memories!


  1. Now that is the kind of vacation I love. Looks like you all did, too. My favorite picture was of your family in front of the Butt Drug Store.
    Would have loved to get inside that Red Barn Antiques. What a great family time. I agree about school starting after Labor Day. Thanks for sharing your special week.

  2. Mechelle,
    thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog awhile back! I saved it so I could come visit your blog while I was on vacation. You have a darling family!

    I love the idea of your craft camp. I think it would be really sweet if you even did a butterfly craft project! I'd love to help answer any questions that you might have about camp...although I'm no expert! haha