Sunday, July 17, 2011

Private Blogs....

Have you ever ran across that while blogging,

 This blog is open to invited readers only????

Why would you take a public blog and suddenly hide it from the world?

Well to me there are only a few reasons you would choose to have a private blog...
1.  You want just your family to read it.
2.  It's a private journal which why would you want to put that on public view?
3.  Your in hiding.

What is wrong with invited readers only? 
Well in my opinion it is a blog suicide, lol.. I mean why would you put the work into your blog, add all your little favorite blogs, post your daily things and what you are making, selling, crafting.. and then have a private blog?  I mean who is going to read it?  Who is going to take the time to click on that person's blog when they come across it and it says " by invite only"?  I know I would not put any effort into trying to get "oked". 
You blog because you want to share, you want to meet people... I don't get how you have a once public blog and then all of a sudden it's private, :) 

So is it me or what are your thoughts on people have "private" blogs?  Are they being super sneaky? Or what?  What would you do if ran across a private blog?  Would you take the time to ask to be invited to read it?  Post me your thoughts.. I would love to hear what you all have to say and what you think.



  1. I agree with the points you are making about private blogs. Why be public and then all of a sudden go private with no explanation? I have never asked to be invited to read. I just remove them from by blog list and move on.

  2. There were a few blogs that I used to follow and then one day I wasn't able to look at them anymore. I felt a little funny that suddenly I was "locked out" from their blogs. Why wouldn't they ask their faithful followers to continue on with them? I never knew the reason(s) that they go private and I have never asked to be invited back to a blog that I was following already. I just delete them from my follow list and sidebar if they are there. There are plenty of wonderful blogs out there and I have many many blogs that I keep up with, so I just move on. f you want a private blog that no one reads or only a select few can read, why not start a whole new blog for that purpose instead a converting a public blog that already has followers to invited only? I find that rude. Just saying...


  3. I also agree, Mechelle. Don't get it.
    It's happened to me only twice. One was a lady that was getting a lot of negative comments and I understood that. The other, I really enjoyed. She was a quilter and offered lots of help and patterns. I missed her, but just moved on.
    I, enjoy reading my comments and making new friends so much, I am way to selfish to go private.
    Enjoy your time at the lake this week.

  4. I have wondered the very same things. I click on one that looks like something I might enjoy, only to find that I am "not allowed". Well, excuuuuuse me! So, I am not a part of the exclusive club, I guess? Whatever. It simply has never occurred to be to try to be invited in or whatever you would need to do. I figure - oh, they don't know me from Adam, so why would they care or invite or include me? It never crossed my mind that I should even attempt to bother with it. But - it does bum me out - because I think I would enjoy reading some of these blogs. Silly old me, I'll let anybody read mine - if they're interested, they're welcome! I do wish I got fewer spam comments, but oh, well. That's the way it goes. I don't get a whole lot of comments as it is, so I didn't want to make it harder for people to leave a comment by requiring the extra step.
    Well, that's my two cents, anyway.