Monday, July 4, 2011

Copy Cats, Ouch

So I know this is NOT a subject everyone will talk about.. and one I seem to be reading about more and more on blogs..

What do you do when you click on a site and low and behold there are "your" ideas, posted on someones site and they are taking FULL credit for it? 

What I want to do is shoot them a mean nasty email.. calling them names I should not put in type, but I do refrain from that..
I am not sure about you, but I think it is wrong.  I think if we put up a tutorial and tell people how to make what we just made, then yes go ahead make it, post it, but do the right thing and give the credit of the idea to the Blogger you found it at. 
If you are like me sometimes I forget where I found a picture at, and I always say "if this is yours, please let me know so I can give you the credit".

I have read that some people say it is just someone who loves your work, well maybe so.. but I also think some people need to come up with their own ideas.. I think if these same few people had an idea of their own, then saw it on another site, with someone taking FULL credit for it,  they would FLIP OUT! 

So what do you do?  Well I think letting people know that the idea was NOT originally yours, shows you are an honest person.. I also think if you are planning on selling the item, you need to get the person's permission first, fair is fair.. Little do you know the item may have a copyright to it, and you could be getting yourself into a lot of trouble.  Also please know your copyright laws.. And the simple fact that it showed up on another blog, that is dated.. shows it was NOT your idea first and can easily be proved!

And most importantly don't sell it in the person's back yard!!! If you live across the world, or a few states away and there is NO way that the same people that shop your stuff will be shopping this persons stuff, then by all means if this person agrees then sell away.. but DON'T take credit for an idea YOU did not come up with and completely copy every single item that someone else does.. Change it up make it yours..

Sorry to complain on a holiday.. but I thought it was something that needed to be talked about.  Now I think looking for ideas on blogs on style's and color choices are a great idea, but stop and think for a second about what you are doing when you take credit when it is NOT your idea.. That will come back and bite you in the rear!  Other bloggers will soon find out and your name will become mud..

We are all creative people here and there is plenty of room for all of us here.. Just stop stealing ideas and claiming you came up with them.  Ask permission to use pictures, make things to sell, give credit to the lady who spent hours sewing, crafting, etc.. SHE deserves the credit for her time! 

Happy Fourth!


  1. I have had the same problems. I actually sold something on etsy last fall and now, that person sells the same product in their own shop. It makes me upset, especially when I created that design and pattern. And her response was, "it's not your pattern, I made my own" (yeah, by tracing my finished product) It is hard, and I totally understand how you feel. Which is why I am extremely selective about what I post on my blog when it comes to my products. Good Luck hun, I hope it works out for you

  2. You have every right to post this. I hope the person or persons who copied you reads it and a least feels a little guilty, but people like that usually just excuse their bad behavior and go on doing it.
    It leaves a lasting impression though. I can still tell you the name of a lady who copied my friend and me in the 1970's when we first started doing craft fairs. I can tell you though, that it caused us to be even more creative in finding new things to make and eventually led to opening our own store and encouraging people to buy the supplies from us to "copy" our ideas.
    I hope it doesn't keep you from posting your wonderful ideas on your blog. Maybe you need to put something on your sidebar about copyrights. I have seen some blogs do that. I think there is something on blogger about that.