Thursday, June 30, 2011

You are my Sunshine

I found this wonderful sign over at Antsi-Pants blog.. This is the song I use to sing to Jake each night when I would rock him to sleep.  His birthday is coming up in a few short weeks.. I think I will make him a sign for his birthday.  Not that "all" 14 year old boys want a sign like this for their room, so I will happily hang it in the family room, but I will sign the back for him and I know he will love it.  Hopefully a treasure one day he will be happy to hang in his own home.  Now I need to do one for my girls and so the words to "you light up my life" :)  Enjoy your Thursday! :)

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  1. Darn, lost the comment...will try again.
    That was also the song I sang to my boys and still sing to the grands. They still beg for it when I get to put them down for naps or bedtime. You brought a tear to my eye.
    Love the sign and Jake will love having it someday. Just think you will be singing it to your grandkids someday...don't laugh...sooner than you think.