Friday, June 10, 2011

New Shop Inventory

I have been busy re-stocking my shop space..

Lots of great vintage finds, cheaper than Pottery Barn for sure.

My favorite new thing.. These were actually old very small photos I found while out junking.  I blew them up and framed them.. I am in the process of framing a vintage bathing suit as well. 

Aren't these ladies just looking cool?

And so are the beach ladies too!

Old chalk boards.. Love to use these for messages.. My girls have a few they take in the car for trips, and for the LONG baseball games too.

OK, so maybe this my FAVORITE new thing.. I have been taking old sheet music and framing it.  You will not find prettier art work than old sheet music.

A few of my burlap, vintage lace, vintage rhinestone lavender sachets...

Old canning jars with vintage lace and doilies on them.. They are so pretty when used as candle holders!  Beautiful outside for summer.

Just a cool old can for coffee

An old table and chairs.. always a great item in any home.

An old bed spring, which is now a holder for vintage knitting needles

The BIGGEST Doll house I have ever found.. What a beauty and how fun to finish up.

Stacking tables

A small view of my new Banner doilies

The most funkiest, comfortable, swivel office chair ever.. My kids tried to get me to keep this one, but we have one already, so this one made it to the shop.

Just a great sign to hang over any table... LOTS Of more great items to come.. Stop by the shop and see them in person.. Don't live close by but like what you see???? Email me, I'd be happy to sell to you on line and ship it to you.  Have a great weekend!

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