Thursday, June 30, 2011

You are my Sunshine

I found this wonderful sign over at Antsi-Pants blog.. This is the song I use to sing to Jake each night when I would rock him to sleep.  His birthday is coming up in a few short weeks.. I think I will make him a sign for his birthday.  Not that "all" 14 year old boys want a sign like this for their room, so I will happily hang it in the family room, but I will sign the back for him and I know he will love it.  Hopefully a treasure one day he will be happy to hang in his own home.  Now I need to do one for my girls and so the words to "you light up my life" :)  Enjoy your Thursday! :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Flag Banners and a new kind of Arm Candy

This week has been nice.. I have been able to get so much done..

These are all new leather cuffs with vintage jewels and lace that are going to my shop tomorrow..

They make great "arm candy"

I also have been making a few headbands for my girls.. these are for the fourth of July

Yesterday I spent most of my time sewing banners and a few totes..

This has to be my favorite one.. I have a few of these going to the shopn as well.

Hello my name is Mechelle and I am addicted to BURLAP! What is it about this stuff?

I just love it.. I also made a few table runners too that will be going, but somehow they did not make the photo shoot :)

I found a small store that closing and they had a TON of these ready made canvas totes.. I don't know about you, but I have a TON of totes all over the house.. I keep projects in them, take to the kids sporting events with magazines and food in them.. We use them like crazy.

I had some old quilts that had seen better days, but still had a few good pieces on them.. I just appliqued them to the bags.

This one is my daughters.. and she is not done with it yet, but I think it will be cute.. I am adding vintage buttons to them, and then to the shop they will go too.

This one is my favorite.. Love the colors. 
We are finishing up Baseball this week.  The girls are officially done with softball, as of yesterday.  Jake will be done on Thursday and then I can get my yard done, and really get into some serious projects. The kids and I are hanging at the pool when we can and just chillin.. It is so nice NOT to have to get them some where by a certain time and stop and pick someone up.. Hope you are enjoying your summer too!!!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Flag Banner

If your looking for a quick little flag banner to make.. Go Here

This is one I made last year, and you can use what you have around the house! :) 
Enjoy your Weekend.. I am off to yard sale, make homemade strawberry cupcakes and attend a cook out for my son's baseball team.  The weather here in Cincy, is perfect and it is beautiful outside. 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Quilt Inspiration

I don't know why, but I have been so obsessed with quilts lately..

If any of these are your quilts, leave me a comment, so I can give you the credit for them..
I mean look at this one.. The time, the talent, the patience....

My girls are trying to decide if they want me make them a new quilt for their room re-do, or if they want one bought at the store.. I would LOVE to make one.

I think this one would be great.. Love the strips.

The colors on this one are awesome!

And this one too.. of coarse I do LOVE sis boom fabrics.. so I am a little bias on this one :)

Amy butler fabrics..mmmmm

I LOVE the blocks on this one.

I also love the rag quilts.. they are super comfy to curl up with on a cold night or game.  Anyway, I think it is time to make a new one for my family to fight over.. Perhaps they will be gifts for Christmas?  I think it will be fun to sew something new.  Hope you having a great day!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Butterfly Hideaway Camp

This has been such a fun week... I have been helping out with a special camp dedicated to the memory of the sweetest girl ever!  Tess Blackwelder.

We have been holding the camp at school and doing a LOT of crafts and learning a lot about nature

We made writing journals

We had a specail guest, Mrs. Mackris one of the BEST ever first grade teachers come and teach us all about Butterfly's

We have been in the garden looking on plants and under rocks

We have been looking for things

Mrs. Mackris brought us a butterfly to let out in the garden

We also have been just chillin..

We have had some great snacks each day to go with our themes

Here is a picture of the butterfly in the garden

The stone classroom in the garden. 
This week, has been so much fun for me.  We have two more days to go and I will post more pictures of the fun crafts we have been doing.  I also found some awesome finds at the junk stores and Burlington Flea Market this past weekend.  Hope everyone is having a great week.  :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Flip Flop Make Over

OK, if you are so tired of having the same ole flip flops everyone else has.. and you have a Old Navy close to you.. Run there and grab some flip flops and then hop on over to The Muddle Huddle's Blog here for the BEST easy Tutorial ever!  What a great way to keep those girls busy for an afternoon, when you need to get somethings done.. Me and my girls will be stopping by there today to grab some shoes and get busy with our new flip flops.  What a great idea!
Enjoy your day!

Friday, June 10, 2011

New Shop Inventory

I have been busy re-stocking my shop space..

Lots of great vintage finds, cheaper than Pottery Barn for sure.

My favorite new thing.. These were actually old very small photos I found while out junking.  I blew them up and framed them.. I am in the process of framing a vintage bathing suit as well. 

Aren't these ladies just looking cool?

And so are the beach ladies too!

Old chalk boards.. Love to use these for messages.. My girls have a few they take in the car for trips, and for the LONG baseball games too.

OK, so maybe this my FAVORITE new thing.. I have been taking old sheet music and framing it.  You will not find prettier art work than old sheet music.

A few of my burlap, vintage lace, vintage rhinestone lavender sachets...

Old canning jars with vintage lace and doilies on them.. They are so pretty when used as candle holders!  Beautiful outside for summer.

Just a cool old can for coffee

An old table and chairs.. always a great item in any home.

An old bed spring, which is now a holder for vintage knitting needles

The BIGGEST Doll house I have ever found.. What a beauty and how fun to finish up.

Stacking tables

A small view of my new Banner doilies

The most funkiest, comfortable, swivel office chair ever.. My kids tried to get me to keep this one, but we have one already, so this one made it to the shop.

Just a great sign to hang over any table... LOTS Of more great items to come.. Stop by the shop and see them in person.. Don't live close by but like what you see???? Email me, I'd be happy to sell to you on line and ship it to you.  Have a great weekend!