Friday, June 3, 2011

Bird Homes for Sale

Here are some new bird houses I have been doing with fabric.

I think the birds will LOVE them and be fighting over them...

Who would not want to come home to a fresh, new, colorful home?

These will be at the shop on Friday.. and more are coming.

We finished the school year with an 8th grade dance.. This is Jake "dressed" up..

My garage full of finds and PROJECTS... Can you hear my husband complaining?  He is worried that his precious grill have to weather outside.  He is getting a grill cover for fathers day, so I can have more room in the garage! :)

One of my three favorite ball players.. Carly.. this where I spend most of my weekends.

Here is my another of my favorite players, Jake.. The third player did not like the picture I took, so it was not "blog approved"

And of coarse Sampson.. Enjoying the Lazy Dog Days of summer!
Enjoy your weekend.

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