Thursday, May 19, 2011

New things in the making and just Fun

OK, so I have a picture of a naked hanging MANakin, as my girls spell it.. Well we found this fine fellow, and I was looking for a new one to hang for my aprons.. well I could not figure out if he would work or not, so for $12.00, it was a no brainer, I put him in the cart and off went.. My girls decided that we could decorate him, and with an apron on, you would not be able to tell it was a MANakin.. They decided that since he would be wearing an apron, we would call him a Sheman (sha-man)  :) They are funny.. I will keep you posted on how he turns out.
Well it is the end of the school year here and we are super busy with school, musicals, young authors night, and baseball, and softball.. Well at the moment we are doing a LOT of make up games...

Carly after sliding practice in the mud.. IT was the most fun she ever had!

Sampson enjoying a NO rain day with a great stick he found in the yard.

He is still loving it....

Still loving it.. as we are laughing at him..

He does not find this funny at all.

A picture of the beautiful blue sky and the pretty trees in our yard.

A day warm enough to wear flip flops, well sorta...

Talking to my son out side and catching up

Watching my 5th grader go  up in a balloon ride at school..

It was awesome!  We have one more week of school, and with no daily schedules to keep, I will start on that HUGE stock pile I have growing in the garage.  Also this is weekend is our city wide yard sales, so I am getting ready to do that as well, in between games that is. 
Hope you all are having a great May.


  1. Well, if Mr. Manakin won't work for girlie aprons, you could always do a man's BBQ apron.
    Love the pictures of your kids who are growing up before my eyes...I know, you didn't need to hear that. Sampson is quite the photo stealer too. It is a busy time for those with kids. I always looked forward to the lazier days of summer too.