Sunday, May 15, 2011

Vertigo and George is visiting my house...

OK, so it is me or does it seem that even in this day and time, it still seems a little taboo to talk about your period?  Well mine have gotten worse each month.. and I am have the spent the entire day in bed, drugged up on Pamprin.. I think I took too many and I have splet all day! 
What a waste of time!  I should be sewing, and creating today and I a in bed with my "monthly visitor" that in Jr. High we girls use to say "George is visiting" so the boys would not know what we were talking about.. Well I have  come to hate George, lol... 
My Gyno says that I need to have my uterus lining  burned out, can't remember the exact name of that procedure, but I am wondering if any of you have had that done?  I know it stops the periods, but how are things afterwards?  I have heard good and bad... Please share....

As if that is not enough,  I have a touch of vertigo.. OK, this so sucks!  Sorry for being so blunt, but it does.  I think I have a inner ear infectin that has not cleared up and I have been having bouts of Vertigo for the past two weeks and it has been terrible!  I am calling the doctor tomorrow to see what else we can do.  The dizzy meds they gave me knock me out big time.  Just no fun...Sorry to complain ladies.. Sorry for the boring blog post too.. I hope I will back to my old self soon.  Hope you all are doing well... Any info on the burning of the uterus lining would be great..or vertigo and hey, what do you call your period?  Someone make me smile please!

Take Care,

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  1. Oh Mechelle, I am so sorry you are having such a rough time. I can't help you with either issue, but you should follow doctor's advice about both. I had horrible periods just before I started menopause, but don't think you are old enough for that. I totally understand how you want to get back to sewing, but it will wait until you feel better. I will be praying for you and a solution to your problems. Take care.