Monday, August 31, 2009

Moving... be back soon!

I don't have a lot to talk about other than boxes, packing tape, dust, and a huge MESS!
We are in the final week of moving. I had no idea how hard this is, and to those of you who move often.. my hat is off to you.
I have found that I have way too many boxes of Lazonga noodles and do not know why... I have found that I should of cleaned behind cabinets a long time ago. I have found that maybe moving the Frig and Stove out every once in a while is something I should start doing. I have learned that I think I am a hoarder of fabric and should be in a support group getting some help for that.
If it is true that when we pass on, we all turn to dust, I have a whole third world living in my basement!
Ok, so some of that is from the dryer vent that had a hole in it, a while back, but that is a whole different story..
But on a good note, I will say it is very cleansing to get rid of stuff too.
My yard sale stash continues to grow and should be a good sale. So again if you live local, Iwill let you know when it is and don't miss it.
I will not be on here much as our last night in this house will be on Friday and I still have to deal with getting the cable hooked up and all that good stuff. And I just have a ton of stuff yet to do. My closets are really scary. They are organized, but when you live in a small house, you can really pack a closet.. and I don't clean them out that often. So I can't imagine what I will find in there.
I have found some really neat things too.. Old books my kids wrote from years ago, pictures, old cards, baby items from my kids.. That part is fun.. but also then I find myself sitting there an hour later with piles of photos, remembering, and then getting sad, and blah blah blah...... Does anyone else do that?
OK, again I need to be packing and I finding a ton of excuses not too.. so I have to go... Wish me luck!
Talk to you all soon!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Still around

I'm still around... busy packing and sorting and moving.. very very slowly. Who would of thought that moving three street over would be so hard and sooooooo drawn out.. but it is.

So here is some pretty inspirations. I love birds, and old bird cages. I love how they used this one above as a sorter.. They simply added some wooden dowls and some glass shelves and look how pretty and unique. This is the stuff I love!

This one is just way to clever as well. I have a weakness for old silver anything! Well back to packing, sorting and then off to Walmart and Krogers..On a positive note, my yard sale "pile" is getting HUGE. So for those of you who live local.. I will keep you posted on the big date, and Breanda and Steph, you can come for a sneak peek the day before the sale!

Everyone have a great week. and I am working on before and after photos of my new place.. so Iwill be sharing those soon!

Have a great week,


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back to school

Don't you just love this? WOW.. I had this exact buffet a few years ago, but it did not look like this. I do still have the China Cabinet, that I was thinking of getting rid of.. but now.. hmmmm I am thinking a makeover will be in order for the new house and I may just try this, but in different colors.. Love it!
Well kids are back to school.. it was the second day today and guess what?????? I already had one home sick.. Macy, my youngest. Fever, throwing up.. the whole works. So needless to say, I have not got to move many things into the new house yet. So much for making plans to get that done when the kids go back to school.
Hope you all are gearing back up for school and getting those projects done.. Send me some I would love to post them.
If you are looking for neat re-do's check out some local friends of mine, Brenda of Embelish, and Stephanie of The Vintage Glitter House. You can find them both in my blog roll.. They are great and two very creative ladies, and I am lucky to know them both and live near them both.
Have a great week.. Back to my sick little one, and packing.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Can use a prayer please

I hate to bother you all, but I have a wonderful uncle Larry who really could use your prayers. I know you all have your own things going on in your life and I understand that.
He was just told yesterday that he has lung cancer, and they do not have all the details at the moment, but he really could use some prayers. He is a wonderful man with the biggest heart ever. He has a lot more serious medical issues as well, so this is not going to be easy to operate, or treat as your would a normally. He really needs some prayers.
So if you re reading this, and you don't mind.. please say a prayer for him and his family as they start down this road. He and his wife are the two strongest people I know, and two people my husband I look up to a lot. We all know the power of prayer is bigger than anything we can imagine. So if you have a moment, and could say one for him, it would be greatly appreciated by him and his family.
Thank you for your prayers.

Monday, August 10, 2009

A day in the life of "Me"

OK, so this has not one thing to do with my post, but these two pictures were made entirely out of chewing gum! I thought they were too cool and had to share them!

So since we have been home from vacation.. these little "Darlings" show here.. have been driving me nuts! LOL.. It has been the mad rush to finish school shopping. Today we went to four different stores to find these $19.99 "cool" backpacks the girls wanted.. Each store we went to, one child did finish gettintg what they needed, but I am sooooooooo tired of school shopping. I just want it to be over and start already! :) I know, I know that sounds like the mean mom.. but I like a schedule.. I like routines.. I function and create and do better with that. I can only take lying around so long. I can only take the nick picking so long! And that has been going too I LONG!

Why did I have to keep telling my girls to "stop picking, no touching, leave that alone!" in the store.. and I thought the lady with the three year old having a melt down was having a bad day when I walked into Target! She had it easy.. you can give a three year old anything and keep them in the cart and makes things better for them..I am beginning to think it is easier to talk and reason with a three year old...

So what have I found out about myself? Well I have NO taste, according to my girls.

I do not know "fashion" or "style" and I dress "well.... like an old lady" I don't know how to pick out colors or patterns in clothing.. (I am amazed that I get dress each day let alone sew)

I am... "just trying to make them dress like I do" How dare I?

So they are getting to that age, that I remember so well.. where mom has NO clue and even the few times I get to prove them wrong.. they still will not admit it! Stubborn Girls!

So this No taste mom, who dresses like an old lady, and has no clue about color, styles or fashion, is really ready for her kids to go back to school.

So after a wonderful vacation, and a much needed on.. I am ready to get back into school and get this started already!

My two Diva's all dressed up and ready for the Selina Gomez Concert.. That was a good time.. and I let them totally pick out their own outfits! I thought they were cute, my husband about died.. All the litle girls were dressed like this, so it must be the style. They are getting to the age, where anything I make for them, is well.... "un-cool mom" "Duh"