Thursday, August 13, 2009

Can use a prayer please

I hate to bother you all, but I have a wonderful uncle Larry who really could use your prayers. I know you all have your own things going on in your life and I understand that.
He was just told yesterday that he has lung cancer, and they do not have all the details at the moment, but he really could use some prayers. He is a wonderful man with the biggest heart ever. He has a lot more serious medical issues as well, so this is not going to be easy to operate, or treat as your would a normally. He really needs some prayers.
So if you re reading this, and you don't mind.. please say a prayer for him and his family as they start down this road. He and his wife are the two strongest people I know, and two people my husband I look up to a lot. We all know the power of prayer is bigger than anything we can imagine. So if you have a moment, and could say one for him, it would be greatly appreciated by him and his family.
Thank you for your prayers.


  1. Done, as asked. I hope this journey is not too difficult for your uncle. I imagine a man as nice as you described has a whole lot of loving support from friends and family. You and your family are in my thoughts...


  2. Prayer has been sent and I also hope this journey is not too hard on your uncle and aunt.
    Sending you big hugs!

    ~Let FREEDOM Ring!~

  3. WOW, I have the BEST blog friends ever! Thank you all so much. You are wonderful people with big hearts!

  4. Dear Mechelle:

    I will GLADLY add him to my prayer list. As you know, there is also illness in my family...

    Please pass along our new family creed. We are not going to die today, and today is the best day of our lives.

    Love and Kisses

  5. Happily will say a prayer for him. And for you.

  6. Your Uncle will be in our thoughts and prayers Mechelle.