Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Still around

I'm still around... busy packing and sorting and moving.. very very slowly. Who would of thought that moving three street over would be so hard and sooooooo drawn out.. but it is.

So here is some pretty inspirations. I love birds, and old bird cages. I love how they used this one above as a sorter.. They simply added some wooden dowls and some glass shelves and look how pretty and unique. This is the stuff I love!

This one is just way to clever as well. I have a weakness for old silver anything! Well back to packing, sorting and then off to Walmart and Krogers..On a positive note, my yard sale "pile" is getting HUGE. So for those of you who live local.. I will keep you posted on the big date, and Breanda and Steph, you can come for a sneak peek the day before the sale!

Everyone have a great week. and I am working on before and after photos of my new place.. so Iwill be sharing those soon!

Have a great week,



  1. Mechelle,
    First of all, I love old birdhouses. I found one at a garage sale a while back and can't seem to part with it.
    Second, I had NO idea that you were moving. Where have I been??
    When you get a minute send me an email and let me know what street.
    Bren and I would definitely be interested in a "presale". Let us know when.

  2. Dear Mechelle:

    I absolutely love the birdcage used to hold plates...some folks are just too cool!!!!

    Hope your move goes smoothly...

    Love and Kisses