Monday, August 10, 2009

A day in the life of "Me"

OK, so this has not one thing to do with my post, but these two pictures were made entirely out of chewing gum! I thought they were too cool and had to share them!

So since we have been home from vacation.. these little "Darlings" show here.. have been driving me nuts! LOL.. It has been the mad rush to finish school shopping. Today we went to four different stores to find these $19.99 "cool" backpacks the girls wanted.. Each store we went to, one child did finish gettintg what they needed, but I am sooooooooo tired of school shopping. I just want it to be over and start already! :) I know, I know that sounds like the mean mom.. but I like a schedule.. I like routines.. I function and create and do better with that. I can only take lying around so long. I can only take the nick picking so long! And that has been going too I LONG!

Why did I have to keep telling my girls to "stop picking, no touching, leave that alone!" in the store.. and I thought the lady with the three year old having a melt down was having a bad day when I walked into Target! She had it easy.. you can give a three year old anything and keep them in the cart and makes things better for them..I am beginning to think it is easier to talk and reason with a three year old...

So what have I found out about myself? Well I have NO taste, according to my girls.

I do not know "fashion" or "style" and I dress "well.... like an old lady" I don't know how to pick out colors or patterns in clothing.. (I am amazed that I get dress each day let alone sew)

I am... "just trying to make them dress like I do" How dare I?

So they are getting to that age, that I remember so well.. where mom has NO clue and even the few times I get to prove them wrong.. they still will not admit it! Stubborn Girls!

So this No taste mom, who dresses like an old lady, and has no clue about color, styles or fashion, is really ready for her kids to go back to school.

So after a wonderful vacation, and a much needed on.. I am ready to get back into school and get this started already!

My two Diva's all dressed up and ready for the Selina Gomez Concert.. That was a good time.. and I let them totally pick out their own outfits! I thought they were cute, my husband about died.. All the litle girls were dressed like this, so it must be the style. They are getting to the age, where anything I make for them, is well.... "un-cool mom" "Duh"


  1. Hi Mechelle, I just came across your blog and just have to tell you your girls are just like my daughter who is 16. she also thinks I dress like an old lady and have no style.. so now I let her give her opinion on what I should wear (within reason)! When we are shopping for clothes together, I will pick something off the rack and she'll quickly say 'put that back mum!'if she thinks its too old for me. In a way its good as she will keep me forever young.. take care, Maryann (Australia)

  2. My daughter is 3 and choosing clothes. God help us all.

  3. Love the comments.. I think one of mine, the youngest, would dress like a bratz doll if I let her, lol.

  4. Mechelle...take them to Forever can buy the store out and only spend 150.00...I mean come home with bags and bags of clothes...

    Zoe, (our granddaughter) thinks I am the coolest because I know the fashion. I just check out F21's website before we go shopping.

    Anyway....worth a try!!!
    BTW...they are adorable in their outfits...