Monday, January 9, 2012

Learning to say NO

WOW, First off, Happy New Year to all of you!  I sorta took a LONG time off from blog land, because I do not know how to say NO when asked to help at school or anything else :)  I am learning to say NO, let's see how that goes.. Anyway.. with saying NO, you learn that you "free" up a LOT of time to do the things you want to do, and that are on your list... and your project table.. and every other table in the house, in my case :)  I am putting my house back to gether from what looks like a crazy person was living here, with way too many projects and way too many "sure I can help with that".. So I have been busy getting new things to the shop, working on Valentine's Day things and I have to say.. saying NO is NICE!
Here are a few things I have been able to do since learning the word NO!
A few new items at the shop

I LOVE those old school house lights.. I have three of them...

More vintage sheet music..Framed.. $12.00 a piece.. if you want one, let me know :)

Crammed Full.. with lots more to come!

Here are a few waterless snow globes I had left over.. I LOVE making these!

A peek at my booth in the shop next door to my furniture..It needs to be re-stocked too.

And the best for last.. This is Sam.. he is the brother of Macy's friend.. Since it was too cold outside to "sell" lemonade.. he brought out his piano and decided to play for tips.. Isn't that too cute?

He plays beautifully and is the sweetest kid around!
Well back to saying "NO" and getting things done.. I need a good organizational blog.. Any suggestions? My life and house could use a good organized sweep!