Monday, February 9, 2009

Sewing and a chore chart

How cute is this chore chart? I just love it.. I can it see it printed off and hanging on the side of my cabinet, where I will neatly fill in one for each child, mostly my girls, and they will be so eager to go there and do a chore.. WAKE UP !!!!!!!!!!! Well I am going to copy this off and I am going to hang it on my cabinet and I am going to hope and pray that they are excited and that by some grace of God, they will be inspired to maybe "clean" without being told to do so.. And if they don't I am going to use it for myself, maybe I will get more inspired to clean my house, (smile)..We will see how this goes.. I'll keep you posted..
.. If anyone wants the chore chart and you can't copy it from my site, let me know and I will mail the link to you and you can print it from there.. It is also available in Blue and Brown as well.. Adorable. Wouldn't you be inspired to clean more if you had a pretty list like this to use? It is worth a try.
Now let me apologize for not having my site up.. I have been having some issues with it and am I have been trying to work on them.. I will list my stuff I made and I will send the link to that tomorrow, so be sure to check back. I have been sewing like crazy. Between my local orders, and trying to stock my site and then trying to get a stock pile going for my first ever show I am doing in the spring..I have been busy and living in my sewing room, which is now my place of rest. It is funny, I never thought I would do anything like this, and now behind that sewing machine is where I feel the most comfortable.. where I want to be and where I try to get too now for a few hours a day. So thank you for your patience in all this.. and Thank you for your emails.. I love them and it inspires me to keep going.. Now back to sewing some pretties for you all, and also to start my "chore" chart too!


  1. I'd love to print this--too cute!

  2. I would love this in blue or brown, I am the mom of boys!

  3. i ran across this in looking for a chore chart to print for my 8 yr old daughter and read abt how your sewing machine sat for 3 yrs im on my 2nd yr of it sitting...i have nooo clue on sewing but would LOVE to learn.....also JUST started a blog..not sure im doing it right or ones following me :(