Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Valentine Class Parties

Here is what my girls and I will be making this week for Valentine's Day. I found this idea from Family Fun Magazine.. You can go to the website and find it under Rock Candy. All it is basically the little box of hearts, pink paper, yarn and kisses. You wrap the box of hearts with the pink paper, tape on the yarn and kisses and you can print the top of the "ipod" thingy from their website. You can even customize the song list.. Now that is what my girls had more fun doing! We are just so tired of the store bought cards. They are so small and this was a lot more fun! I love that magaize for moms like me who are looking for cool things to do, at the last minute without having to think much!

OK, here it is again, the week of the parties, and although I have figured out what we are making and giving out this year.. I need a game for a third grade class that a "Dad" can do.. and a easy fast craft for first graders. I don't know why I go brain dead over this stuff. It seems this Valentine's Day has snuck up on me so fast.. I mean I have Christmas memories still fresh in my mind. I am still finding Christmas stuff around my house that has not made it the back of the basement yet. So I sent out my plea of help tonight to my fellow moms at school who are on the ball, and will send me countless emails with great ideas in them.. and save the parties! Someone needs to write a book for moms like me. I mean I can craft at home, but put me with 24 kids and only give me 15 minutes for a craft, and I am totally lost. I can't think, I totally freeze, what is that? Well I am off to check emails.. I see that a few have come in while I have been updating this... Have a great Week!

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