Monday, February 23, 2009

Etsy up and running

Well I finally got around to listing some new bags on Etsy and getting that site up and running. I am almost finished with my site. I have had some technical issues with that site and my picutres so when that is done, I will let you know as well. So in the mean time, I will be offering my stuff on etsy. If you do not know what Etsy is, then click on the link to the right, and you will see my things.

Etsy, is a place where handmade items are sold, and now some neat vintage items as well. It is like ebay, but easier to use, in my opinion.. And cheaper for us sellers to use!

So check out some of my new bags.

I have a sick one home today, so I am off to tend to her, sew some more and clean my house.. I do have to make a comment about my house. It seems that lately I have been so frustrated with the "messes" my chlidren have left behind.. I mean I can tell you what child has been in what room, just by what is left behind.. That is crazy.. I also have to remind myself that we do "live" in this house. It is not a magazine page, it is not a show place for my vintage finds and pretties, but a place where we all live and use all the rooms, and every square inch of this house.. I am not making that up.. I should be writting a book on how to use every small space in your house :) So I am trying to back off the mean me and not yell so much, but ask more nicely to pick up your crap and put it in your room.. not throw it in your rooms, but put it in it's place.. Why do I organize and make a place for it all, only to find it "all" all over the floor? OK, I am getting off track again.. I will now go clean up the messes and get some sewing done, and list more things this evening, after the kids go to bed... I need to go and Live in my house!


  1. What a treat , the music, the bags, the overall blog beauty!!!

  2. Hi Michelle, thanks for stopping by I so appreciate it...just looked inside your etsy...nice things!!! all my very best sweets, Jennifer