Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Random Things

These are a few purses that I finished up today. They will be on my site over the weekend. I have lots more going on there, so be sure to check it out. I will be having a grand opening sale as well, I really wanted to get more done today, but with the kids home again, with another snow day, this was all I could do. Tomorrow will be a day of running.. One has a dentist appt.. have to work at school for a while and I have a ton of errands to get done, but have not been able due to the snow! I decided not to post any more snow pics.. I know it is pretty, but I decided my purses were also pretty to look at, and will not cause your childen to be home from school for a day.. so look away!
I just got the new Country living.. and wow is it a good one.. OK, My name is Mechelle and I am a magazine junkie. Seriously, check out all the cool things I found in this new issue.,. It is worth picking up.

OK, so felting seems to be the new next thing I want to try also. I love that they have taken old wool sweaters and made them into purses and totes! How cool is that? I just bought some old wool sweaters from the junk store, so I can't wait to try this.. This is a great article as it gives you detail instuctions. Don't want to make one of your own, but want one.. Let me know, I would be happy to make you one, and I'm sure they will end up on my website too.
There are several things I love about this picture. One the colors are so pretty. Two I love the portraits and it seems any of them are huge in decorating,they have to grow on you.. And three, I am loving the wallpaper.. I never thought those words would again come out of my mouth, but it seems wallpaper is getting to be huge again, and I am loving it. I may have to start off small, but I can see a project with this soon!
I love these silihouttes.. I love that they are not all old.. And I love that they are black and white.. I think I will try a few of these with my kids and see how they turn out.. How pretty! I am loving this necklace.. It is made using all vintage jewlery pieces.. How cool is that? I sooo want one of these.

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