Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Train is leaving the Station

Last night I was in my son's room. We were just catching up on his "life" and all that has been happening at school.. Jake is 11 1/2. So as we sat there in his room, he said to me "mom, do you think we can take all the train stuff down and make my room, more grown up?" I almost fell over. This child, has loved trains, since he was an infant. His first birthday cake was a train, and almost all his childhood photos he has some kind of train in his hand. The facts he knows about trains is amazing. He had a ton of movies, had to watch daily, and before bed. He had train sheets, clothes and back pack. Paul's parents lived on a street where the local train here in Madeira would go by daily. We can hear the train perfectly from our house, and at the end of our street, you can see the train. Jake would call Paul's mom and ask her to tell him every train car, she could see,when he hear the whistles blow. His first pre-school you could see the train perfectly out one window.. Jake would jump up and run to the window, with a following and she to this day, has a bench that sits by the window and it is called the "Jake Bench". Everyone who knows Jake, knows his love, passion of trains.
So you see where I am going with this.. although I know he is getting "bigger" for him not to have trains all over his room, is more hard on me, than on him.. obviously. (sigh)

His Magazine subscription and Train stool.

So I guess I will be shopping for grown up bedding, and take all the train things down and pack them away.. maybe he will want them again.. maybe he will ask me in 10 years or so, why I kept all that stuff, or be really happy that I did. Either way, the trains are leaving and my boy is getting bigger, right before my eyes. He is such a wonderful kid.. He is kind, thoughtful, helpful and always thinks of others. He has a kind heart and a smile and laugh that touch me really deep in my heart. He is my first born :)

Today, as I was cleaning his room, and just looking at all the train stuff, and dreading taking it all down and thinking how empty his walls and shelves will look, and just where am I going to store all this stuff.. I was dusting and what did I find?

These little army men.. All lined up, ready for battle.. It melted my heart.. Guess even if the train has left the station, he still has some "toys" that he is keeping and playing with, when no one is around :) That made me happy.. He is not growing up too fast. there is still some little boy in there.. I love you Jake, you are one of my greatest achievements!

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  1. I can't believe OUR Jake is ready to get rid of his trains. Oh, least he hasn't ask for the car yet...hee hee...

    How does he want to decorate his room?

    Give him a big kiss for me...

    Love and Kisses