Tuesday, February 3, 2009

snow day and music

Well today was another big snow day, here in Cincy. We were suppose to get a dusting, and that was 7 inches ago. Spring will be so welcomed here in Cincy, after this cold, snowy winter!

Thank goodness that the snow held off last night. We got to see our youngest, in her first grade musical. How adorable it was! I love watching all the little ones come out, looking so scared and then the second the music starts they are all singing and dancing. It is was a lot of fun and we have a lot of talent in our school!.
Of coarse no performer should come off stgage without a bouquet of pink flowers!. She reminded us all weekend that it was coming up, and that it would be so nice to "get flowers" So how can you let her down? Pink Flowers just as she ordered.
Well back to sewing.. I have some great bags that I will be showing you by the end of the week.. In the meantime I am listing some great things on ebay. Sorta my online garage sale, of fab things for your home. things you had no idea that you could not live without! Check the out, and if you live local, I offer free delivery.. well that is if we are not on a snow emergency!
My ebay name is: pink*daisys
Have a great week!

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