Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A snow day!

Well our day startedout great.. NO SCHOOL! Finally a snow day. My son was so happy. So this is how we spent our snow day.. and we have another one tomorrow.. We are getting more snow, and ice.. fun.. Let' hope the power does not go off, like they say it might....
Just because a girl has to have PINK snow boots!

This is what my sister in law did walking by my van, in like two seconds.. she is an artist and I thought this was cool!.

Here is Carly making a secret pile of snowballs for her brother..
And can you think of anything else better to do on a snow day, than take a nap with daddy!
And look at Jake, shoveling the driveway for his parents... and the neighbors. what a great kid!

This is what my brother in law wrote on the car, he can't draw, but a sweet a note to the kids! They think uncle Mark rocks!

what a great way to spend a snow day.. But I can honestly say, I never got to spend one like this.

And my two girls.. who pose every time I get the camera out.. BEAUTIFUL Girls!

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