Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mrs. Hyatt, do you have your daughter?

Today started out a little on the crazy side in my house, as usual. First of all my husband was home for the second day in a row, which meant I got to sleep in a little and he got the kids up and dressed for school. Anyway my youngest daughtger, Macy had a bad night with sleeping and asthama related things, so she was up a lot last night.. last time she tapped me on the shoulder to wake me and tell me that "she" was still awake was 3:45 a.m. Well my husband gets up at 4:15 and when he got up she was still up.. So needless to say, she was not in the best of moods.. So that child needed to stay home and sleep a little while..just the fact that we were walking in the room where she was laying down and "breathing" was upsetting her to no end.. So back to bed she went, complaing the whole way that she was NOT tired and 5 minutes later she was snoring!!! Well Carly got ready for school and my husband took her and dropped her off. Meanwhile I called the school to let them know she would be in but later in the day... So I went on with my morning getting things done and making a list a mile long of things I need to do. Macy finally got up, had some "brunch" she thought that was a "funny" word, because it was lunch and brunch together, lol.. anyway I was just getting her shoes on her and the phone rang.. It was the school... The secretary wanted to know if by chance I had Macy with me. I told her I did and she apologized and said she was not on the list.. well my memory these days has not been very good at all! So I told her I had called her in but somehow she did not make it onto the list.. But it all ended well, when I told her I did have her and I was bringing her in.. When we finally got to school they were still saying sorry about it, and I thought it was funny.. Now they were not to upset, because I know the office gals well and the basically run that school, and know everything about all the kids.. and I told them not to feel to bad, and to remember that on the last morning of Christmas break.. I was the mom who got up and drove 45 minutes away to a doctor appointment for Macy and then could not remember the address, so I had to call Paul and have him look it up for me, and then he told me I had the wrong child at the wrong doctor.. Now you talk about crazy, that is crazy.. they got a good laugh out that one that day.. I had way too much going on in my head and on paper to keep it all straight.. But again, it all worked out and Thank Goodness the doctor I was suppose to be at, got a good chuckle out of that mix up and was fine with me making another appointment.. Boy, how embrassing! We finally get home from school, my husband and I are sitting on the sofa talking about our day and then my oldest daughter, Calry is making Easy Mac in the microwave, but forgot to put the water in the container, so it melted in the microwave and I had so much smoke in my kitchen, I had to open all the doors and windows, mind you it is cold here in Cincinnati, so that was terrible.. but the smell seems to be going away I hope.. so in short I am going to bed early tonight in hopes that a great LONG night sleep will help me think more clearly and have a good day tomorrow... Thanks for listening.. Have a great night and a fun tomorrow! Mechelle

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