Monday, January 19, 2009

My Humble Abode

OK, so there was not much going on today , so I thought I would share some photos of my home, and my favorite things. I found this lamp at a garage sale this past summer for $8.00 and I fell in love with it.

I also have a weakness for old quilts.. I love the ones that you can tell they used what they had to make it.. those are my favorite.. and this yoyo quilt too.. Who does not like yo yos?

This poster is of my husband when he was 6 years old. I found in a closet recently and framed it.. I love it!

More silver... this time it is teapots, and of coarse I can never pass up a good window, with black and white photos of the kids!

My Favorite vintage eye glasses!
I love these old silver boxes!

This was the best $5.00 mirror I found at a Thrift shop!

My favorite pink bookcase, and the kids game holder.

My favorite jars filled with vintage rhinestone jewelery! A girl can not have enough jewels!

My favorite clock I got at Home Goods, love that store.

My Mantle..

My house is not huge at all, and this my family room.. small but comfy and very kid and pet friendly!

Yes, my biggest weakness is mirrors.. I love them and have a hard time passing them up!

Also, just wanted to add that most of my goodies I have decorated with are Thrift Store finds. .and a fwe are from antique shows.. It's all about going green.. so think twice before you throw it out.. maybe just a coat of paint will make it all "new" again.

Oh, and by the way, yes my fire place has the "yuckies" I hate the brass insert.. so that is either being painted or I want to find a new one.. Anyway my style is comfy "green" chic, with a little bit of french flair!


  1. Your family room looks so cozy and inviting. I too have a thing for mirrors and currently have my eye on a very similar one to yours on ebay!

  2. I just clicked on your blog and am enjoying reading thru. I also like the shabby chic, french look and I am in desparate need of mirrors. I noticed you like quilts. I am a quilter and quilt both new and vintage tops. Check out my blog and etsy when you get a chance.