Monday, January 12, 2009

Is it me?

Well this morning started out really great.. the girls got up with little trouble, which is HUGE in this house.

My husband had taken my van to his shop to be worked on by his friend. The heater is out.. and that is not a good thing in Cincinnati, escipally when by Friday we are suppose to be in negative numbers, brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.. So I was excited to actually drive a car that had heat, and not have to take a lap quilt to throw over my legs, and actually warm my car and when I got to it, have it be WARM in the car.. well I started the car, and turned on the heat.. and about 15 minutes later came out to get in and low and behold something ws not right, the doors would not unlock.. so I had to use my hands.. and then as I was driving, I thought, man it is cold in here, !!! and then as I was turning onto a very busy street, the whole car just died, right in the middle of the road!.. Now the girls are freaking.. and I am in the car, asking the ceiling, "are you kidding me?" I get out the car realzing that no one can see around this huge car, and I had to now direct traffic and try to figure out how to get my girls to school, and oh, yeah, how to get my car out of the middle of the road.. and let's not forget the most important.. I was in my pj pants, t-shirt, and an old ratty sweatshirt, and my slipper! And I realize this, as I am sending cars around me, and wondering why people are starring at me so strang.. have they not seen a stopped car before? Well I had about three or four dads drive by me, and wave.. what is that? All the moms stopped and asked if they could help, and comment on my outfit, lol... Well finally one dad did stop and he was actually one of my husbands best friends and he pushed my car to the side of the road and sat with me in his car, with heat! till my husband got there to drive me home. The car is now fixed.. an alternateor was the problem..

So what is the lesson learned in this you ask? Sure you are all saying, put on some CLOHTES before you leave the house, even if you are not getting out of the car, but come on... we all know that we do that for a while and then all of a sudden, we are like, who cares, I am not getting out fo the car, and trust me that is the one time that you have to get out of the car....

So make sure your pj's and slippers match.. and don't forget to at least brush your hair and teeth!

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  1. lol! i used to drive my kids to school lookin' like that ALL the time =) heck, i drive from meggan's house to my house now with hair dye on my head and my hair wrapped in a towel - lol!!!!! =) debbie