Saturday, July 30, 2011

My first Stained Glass Window & Friday Finds

Here it is the finished product.. I took a class at my sister in laws art studio.. LOVED IT!

Here is the flip side of the window.. but I can't decide if I like the brown or white side better.. What do you suggest?

What an easy thing to make.. Get any old window.. and broken glass.. Most of the stuff we used came from Ebay.  You just use craft glue, glue it onto your window in any design you want and let it dry for a few hours.

Then go in with grout.. I just did plain white, and then grout your window... That easy.

Now I wanted an "H", but I also wanted a patchwork sorta feel too.. I really like it A LOT!

Yesterday I had to go and get a new charger for my ipad.. well I HAD to stop at Pottery Barn and they had some great pillows on clearance, really cheap.. So I snagged a few.

Then I went into Macy's.. I don't normally shop there but I had a gift card and went in.
Look at this Beautiful Lace, cream and grey scarf I found..

It just spoke to me, so I bought this with my gift card.. Actually I bought a few

Look at the lace...

This is my new inspiratin piece for my bedroom, that has NEVER really been done since we moved.. These scarfs are going to be my new window treatments... Too pretty!

On my way to work, I HAD to stop at a garage sale.. Found this cute blue bird rusty tin, for 25 cents..

This Adorable owl pitcher for $1.00.. which I guess now I am collecting owls, since I have like 5!  Funny how that happens..

And while I am snapping photos, little Sampson is fast asleep in the floor..
Hope you are enjoying your weekend...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Pillows and Totes

So yesterday I was able to finally get some sewing done! Now my house looks a tornado went through here, but I guess you have to let it go, to get things done :)
Here are a few pillows I got done.. The aprons are getting final touches and I will show those tomorrow
This fabric is soooooo pretty in person.. My pictures are terrible.. Sorry for that.

I found this fab fabric at JoAnn's in the "designer" section..

I can't get enough of the old quilts.. I put them on totes (see below) and pillows anything I can find.

All those old yummy feed sack fabrics.. Love them!

I also am in LOVE with Anna Maria Horner's new fabric line! I made these for the shop, but have some ready to go on my sofa as well.

Aren't those butterflies beautiful?

The colors are just great!

A couch full of pillows :)

Here are the totes I have been making.  I just love how simple but pretty they look with the old quilt squares.. You can NEVER have enough bags! :)

And here is the sweet little statue I found at an antique shop a while back.. I just thought she was so sweet, so I brought her home with me.  She has no markings so I have no idea what it is or who made it, but I just liked her.
Hope you are having a great day and staying cool!  I hate to complain about the heat after the nasty COLD winter we had, but come on!  Just one or two days of cooler weather will be nice so I can finish up some outdoor painting and projects.. PLEASE :)
Well off to run a full day of errands.. and by errands I do mean a stop  at a junk store or two.. I will have to bribe my kids with ice-cream, but it's a win win for everyone.. Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Citranella Candle Make Over Mod Podge

OK, so we have all seen just about anything and everything under the sun Mod Podged.. Well what about those ugly but really needed Citranella Candles?

I started with these, that I bought at Walmart for abuot $4.99 each.. I peeled off the sticker

Used the outdoor Mod Podge and some scraps ( of coarse)

And went to work.. I am so tired of these candles being ugle!  I want something pretty to keep the bugs away..

I used put a layer of Mod Podge on the candle first, then layed my fabric over that.. then put another coat of Mod Podge over the fabric to seal and protect it..

I Love how they turned out!

OK, so I had to decorate the lid too.. It was speaking to me.. :)  Now I have pretty candles to put on my table outside, when I can stand to be out there. I am making more to take to the shop too.. If you make some, send me the photos..

I also found this FAB picture at JoAnn's. I HAD To have this for my sewing room.. This pretty much sums up all that I love!.. OK, well not all, but you get the idea..
Happy Crafting today!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Vacation Finds

Well I have to say that unpacking from vacation is NO where near as much fun as packing!

But I did manage to find a few great things on our trip.. I LOVE am obsessed with old cameras... And quilt pieces!

Found some wonderful lace trims for my aprons and other sewing and non sewing projects

I love old canning jars too. This one is great as it is a pitcher and I just had to have this one.

I LOVE old sheet music.. Now I frame mine.. I have sold a lot at the shop and I have some ready to hang in my bathroom too.

It really does make great art work for your walls.. or is great for the music lover in your life.

See, this is just a SMALL smaple of the old cameras I have found and have on display around my house!

And lastly this old table I found for 99 cents at the thrift shop.. it was the UGLIEST brown ever.. but thanks to my husband, it is now crisp white and in our livingroom.. It was going to the shop, but we both decided we liked it to much, so it is staying..
Well off to run errands and get more things ready.. Lots of before and afters coming this week and new sewing projects too.  Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Back from Vacation

We just got back from Patoka Lake in Southern Indiana.

We did a lot of this fishing

One of my favorite pictures...

Macy and her daddy.

Our cabin.. which we loved!

Carly and I on the boat

We did LOTS of this.. well the kids did :)

More fishing...and Carly caught her fish ever.. a Catfish!

More tubing.. because can you get enough of this?

This boy would fish from sun up to sun down....

We found a train museum in French Lick, it was Awesome! And the Train lover was in Heaven

This is my favorite picture.. Might be my Christmas card this year.. All Aboard!!!!

Thank Goodness Butt Drugs was open and Carly and Macy both got to buy shirts.. This old drug store was amazing.. This was in the town of Cordyn, Indiana

Family photo outside of Butt Drugs..

A favorite stop along the way...

Our favorite Ice Cream shop.. Emery's..

Look at all the vintage stuff in there.. Love it!

OK, so penny candy is no longer a penny.. more like 10 pieces for $1.00

We had a great week.  It was relaxing, fun and we are tired.. I am now doing laundry and putting all the vacation stuff away...Now back to work and enjoying the rest of summer.. Ours is almost over.. only three weeks to go.. I wish school did not start back up till after Labor day, like the good ole days!  Hope you all had a great week.  If you live near Patoka Lake, you need to go.. Fun, Affordable and tons of great memories!