Saturday, July 30, 2011

My first Stained Glass Window & Friday Finds

Here it is the finished product.. I took a class at my sister in laws art studio.. LOVED IT!

Here is the flip side of the window.. but I can't decide if I like the brown or white side better.. What do you suggest?

What an easy thing to make.. Get any old window.. and broken glass.. Most of the stuff we used came from Ebay.  You just use craft glue, glue it onto your window in any design you want and let it dry for a few hours.

Then go in with grout.. I just did plain white, and then grout your window... That easy.

Now I wanted an "H", but I also wanted a patchwork sorta feel too.. I really like it A LOT!

Yesterday I had to go and get a new charger for my ipad.. well I HAD to stop at Pottery Barn and they had some great pillows on clearance, really cheap.. So I snagged a few.

Then I went into Macy's.. I don't normally shop there but I had a gift card and went in.
Look at this Beautiful Lace, cream and grey scarf I found..

It just spoke to me, so I bought this with my gift card.. Actually I bought a few

Look at the lace...

This is my new inspiratin piece for my bedroom, that has NEVER really been done since we moved.. These scarfs are going to be my new window treatments... Too pretty!

On my way to work, I HAD to stop at a garage sale.. Found this cute blue bird rusty tin, for 25 cents..

This Adorable owl pitcher for $1.00.. which I guess now I am collecting owls, since I have like 5!  Funny how that happens..

And while I am snapping photos, little Sampson is fast asleep in the floor..
Hope you are enjoying your weekend...


  1. Great job on the window...impressive.

    There is something about owls that make collecting them easy. Fun finds!

  2. The window looks great!!
    By the way, I just notice the photos of Rowan and Carly at the zoo last year. They're great! I don't know how I missed them!

  3. The window looks amazing and well done. Thanks for popping by Beach Vintage xx

  4. Great job on the window. I have never done a mosaic, but the way you describe it, I think I could. Personally like the white side best.
    Love the bird pillow and scarves are a great idea for window treatment.
    I like owls too, but don't have any. That's really a cute one. Sampson has the right idea.

  5. I like the brown side of your stained-glass window project better. For some people, engaging in creative activities is a form of therapy. The important thing is to enjoy what you are doing. Stay happy!

    Sandra Ludwig