Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What is Summer to you?

To us Summer is: Going away to camp for a week, for the first time...

Sitting in my favorite chair out back, with a good book and cool drink...

Watching my kids play outside and make forts out of lawn chairs, and towels...

Having a deer come by as you are in your fort, and my favoite.. hanging clothes on the line

Filling up a new garbage can and making your own pool for an hour.

Bobbing for apples, or just dunking your head in there..

Having a friend over and having a great day!

Having a fire out back and smores.

And a family friendly game of wiffle ball.. At which I realized that I am WAY out of shape, woke up sore and realized that this girls body, who is over 40, needs to start doing some exercises to get in shape, OUCH!   Hope you all are enjoying your summer days.. I am working on some projects to hopefully get done this week and post.. Enjoy your day!


  1. Yes, Mechelle. That is what summer is all about. Fun family times. You have a great yard for wiffle ball, forts, relaxing and water fun. Wishing Carly a great time at camp. Thanks for sharing your family fun.

  2. Sounds like great family summer fun! I remember making forts with chairs and blankets.