Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Busy Tuesday

Well today started off super early.. I had one child home sick.. two more to get to school. And then I had a ton of errands to do. I had to get the grocery shopping in and then drag it all home and put it away.. and once that was done, I had to stop by the "junk store" and just relax.. Yes, besides sewing, junking is how I relax. I can walk the isles and look through things and I just relax.. So any way, while I was "relaxing" at the junk store out comes a stock boy, with this huge frame.. and he goes right past me, which I stop him quickly and ask him one, where he is going with that, which he replied" the front to sell it" so then I ask how much.. He said $1.99 I did not believe him, so I asked to see the tag, and then I told him that I would take it, that he did not need to take it the front of the store.. I had to lay this thing up against my door, so you can see how large it is.. I have not measured it.. but it is huge.. It is not wood, but plastic.. but for $1.99 who cares???????????? So what am I going to do with this? Well I am getting ready to give my girls room a total makeover.. so after we get the shelves in from floor to ceiling and build a double desk for two girls (sigh) I want to paint this and then add different fabric squares and make it into a bullentin board for the girls, and hang it over the desk area.. It will give them somewhere to put all the stuff they have "tapped" to the walls.. So when it is done, I will let you see.. I am very excited over this find,.

This is it laying on the floor.. HUGE

Then I found my other weakness. Perfume bottles.. I don't know why I am drawn to them.. but I LOVE them.. I mean I think I remember my mom, and my grandma having of these and I love the aqua color, which is my favorite color! So I had to snag these to put on my bedroom dresser.. more pretties for my (our) bedroom :)

After I got home and changed the laundry around, made some lunch and brought my junk store things in.. The mail came. In the mail was my fabric I ordered and this wonderful book, that I just LOVE.. Now, if any of you know me, you will know I should be some kind of rehab for "home decorating magazines" I mean I can't pass them up.. Well here is a book that I had never seen.. well it is full of FABRIC.. my TRUE weakness.. OK, so you see I have a few hang ups.. don't we all? Anyway, I was good.. I put in my purse and waited till pick up time, to look through it to help pass the time.. WOW I am loving this book. It is a great reference too.. So you have to get one.. well if you are a fabric freak like me that is :)

I mean look at these pages.. like little mini patchwork quilts.. just filled with fabrics.. Did I mention that I LOVE fabric?

And this is just a small, and I do mean small collection of my magazines.. I just can't throw them out.. I know, it is a sickness.. And also in the mail the new Romantic Homes.. I am looking at that this evening.

As if that was not enough excitement.. I opened the box of new fabrics and just was in "awe" Look at these pretties.. I can't wait to sew some neat things with them.. I have a ton of new things I am working on.. well as soon as my new foot pedal arrives that is

Amy Butler Fabrics

Look at the fun sewing fabric.. I think I may frame some of these for my studio area.

How cure are these? I love the cupcake fabric.. as I LOVE to make cupcakes all the time! And the sewing fabric is so cool.

And this was my FAVORITE. This fabric is from Michael Miller.. he does the best retro fabrics.. This I am making a arpon out of.. I mean how neat is this? The graphics are beautiful!

And lastly for today.. I know you are saying "Thank Goodness, is her blog entry ever going to end?" I am trying to re-organize and re-do my sewing area.. It is very hard, as my sewing area is not that large. (we live in a small house) So I found this cool little thing to put ribbon in.. and I think it is so neat.. I have to grab a few more, as I have a ton of ribbon as well.. I think it would be great for your gift wrapping supplies too.
What do you think?

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